*grin* I like my drunken post. It causes me much amusement.

Anyhow, I'd like to clarify one thing; I don't smoke when I'm drunk. Last night, one of my coworkers was smoking a cigarette (Daigu thoughtfully provided the name) and I thought it smelled nice and I wanted to try it. I was having a bad day and whatnot, and I just felt like it. *shrug* Considering it appeared to shear off half of my tastebuds and I don't want to become a smoker, I'm not very likely to do it again.

That out of the way... I felt kinda like ass when I woke up this morning; I had to eat my breakfast (toast with a very light coating of margarine) when my stomach was in its brief "hungry" periods as opposed to the "churny grumpy" ones. I felt better once I got a bunch of water into me, too.

From there, it was off to work for a depressingly long shift. It seemed to take forever for the last hour to come about, which subsequently flew. My mood was somewhat tempered by E's coming to work and asking another girl, R, if she'd gotten his email, yet mentioning absolutely nothing about mine. This means ... I don't know. I haven't the faintest if he read it or not, or if he cares about what I have to say/think or not. My natural belief is to think that he doesn't care; my optimistic side is saying maybe he simply hasn't read it yet. I dunno.

Gah. Last night was nice because I didn't feel anything. Well, until I got really tired and wanted to go to bed, but... One of my sorta bosses said this morning that my face was bright red when I left last night; he said the same thing at the time, too. I think he was amused by seeing me drunk, and may have even started to like me a bit more because I showed I have a loose, relaxed side. I dunno.

So today was long and whatnot. I got together with H for some dinner and hanging out after work finished. She and I went to a diner nearby, 'cause it was cheap, and the guy working as the overnight busboy happened to be someone I dated/fooled around with briefly during second year. We chatted for a bit, and H thought he was cute; he took down my ICQ info (again; we used to talk online regularly), and she took down his, then later decided (after some pushing on my part) to give him her phone number. We shall see what happens. ;)

She and I discussed our various situations and boys and such during dinner, as well as various things we saw around -- i.e., the woman sitting in H's line of view who was wearing little yellow shorts and had her legs spread wide open like she had some massive man dong hanging between her thighs. We were shocked and mocked her accordingly.

From there, we decided to go ahead with my sorta-piercing plans. I talked about my waffling as we walked to get money and say hi to D on our way through the store. We went to the piercing studio that I wanted to go to (there are many within a short walking distance; gotta love downtown), and we chatted with the piercers/tattoo artists and I waffled for a further twenty minutes. I'm an impressive waffler.

(Just sent an MSN message to E asking if he got my email. We shall await a reply.)

During my waffling time, a group of teenage boys and girls came in, asking to have some work done. The policy at the particular studio I was at is that you must be 16 to have piercings done, and 18 for tattoos. I never quite caught what the one girl wanted done -- I think it was some sort of genital piercing -- but they turned her away, stating that for whatever she wanted done she had to be 18, and she was merely 17. They tried to argue for awhile, and the head piercer stated that he could get charged with penetration of a minor (in a technical sense), and that they weren't going to go to jail for a measly $30. The kids walked out, stating they were going to go to another studio nearby, and when they left we all mocked them.

Evenings with H tend to include a great deal of mocking of other people, which is just fantastic. :)

I finally settled on my piercing, and headed into the little cubicle area to have it done. H at first sat next to me, then decided to go across the room so she could watch; she hadn't seen hers done, and she was curious. The piercer had me lie down on the bed-thing and he got the clamp all applied and such. He did the countdown (which I usually hate), then passed the needle through. Frankly, I was prepared to scream in anguish and misery at the feeling and the noise, and yet... nothing. In fact, my first words as the needle was still passing through my ear were, "H, this isn't bad at all!" I don't even remember hearing any kind of crunching or crackling cartilege, which she had said was kinda the worst part. It wasn't something I'd want to experience several times a day, but in all honesty, it was really not bad at all. I think I've been acting the weenie by having anaesthetic for my piercings.

And for the curious... I now have a tragus piercing in my right ear. I was very tempted to go and have the second one done, especially as it would save me some money, but I also like to sleep on my stomach, so I wouldn't really have any comfortable way to lie if I had painful holes in both ears. Nor would I be able to use any phones, which are of course an integral part of my life. :)

Anyhow, H and I split shortly thereafter; she wanted to be home early and I wasn't averse to the idea myself. I managed to miss my local bus by about 2 minutes, and was "entertained" by a crowd of 16- and maybe 17-year olds trying to figure out how to get to a house party. Lucky me, they also got on my bus, but got off fairly quickly. Myself and another girl on the bus mocked them for awhile, feeling greatly superior in our maturity. Yeah, that's it. :)

On my walk home, I passed by Evan and James' place and got to meet the new addition to their home, Django, and catch up with their mom. I think I scared her at first, since it was dark and she couldn't quite see me, or possibly even recognize me; after all, it's been four years since her husband used to drive me to band practice. Weird to think of it that way; I'm getting old.

Oh yes, and to clarify between Daigu's comment and my previous plans; I only had 2 and a half Smirnoff Black Ices. I'm simply a cheap drunk, especially when I don't drink that often (although I've had more to drink in the last few months than usual). Last night, likely because I was really tired to begin with, I got drunk very easily and rather quickly, and I rode it out and had fun with it. :)

And I think that's all for now. I know that most people seem to only skim my posts, so I really do post just for myself, but I'm feeling all-encompassing today, so I apologize for the lengthiness. I'm kinda hungry, but not willing to put much effort into acquiring or making food -- especially as my mom is likely to grouse at me about eating so late. I'm also tired... urgh. Ah well. Being me sucks sometimes.

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