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Well, I'm getting more confidence -- and maybe improving -- in French, and I'm going to tentatively blame the Smooshy's French roommate. We work at the same agency (though in vastly different fields), and through him I met another lady (who actually used to date a friend of Stefan's... as I always say, small world). I started imposing on their lunchtimes, and Smooshy French Roommate (SFR) was helping said friend practice her French in order to improve for her pending test. I gamely joined in (as I need to work on improving mine as well).

The first day this happened, not a half-hour after lunch, I took a French media call and handled it fairly well, all things considered. Since then, there have been a number of French media calls, and barring one incident (where I asked my Francophone manager to handle an interview that I thought was going to vastly exceed my limited French scientific repertoire -- especially given that the information I had been provided with was in English, which adds another problem), I've done fairly well.

This all seemed to have come to a head when yesterday, I was leaving the building fairly late (for me), with my helmet in hand, and leather jacket and backpack on, heading for the parking lot. A gentleman I'd shared the elevator with part-way (but don't recall having met previously), addressed me in French. We had a conversation about bikes and related issues for the few minutes' walk to the parking lot, and I did quite well -- and he never dropped into English, so I guess I didn't struggle or cause him any pain avec mes anglicismes.

Next I'll start speaking to the Bens in French, since they're both better than me at the language. :) Anyone else want to participate? I need to practice written French, too -- feel free to email me at work or at home in French, and I'll do my best to reply in kind. ;)


Also, personal life update pending.

The kitties say hi.


Weekend update pending, but in the meantime -- anyone interested in going salsa dancing with me Thursday night? It includes a free lesson.


I'm tired. My stomach doesn't feel good. I'm bored. I'm stressed. I don't want to be here. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what I want to happen. I feel numb. I feel confused. I feel ... confused.

I read once that always wanting to sleep when something bad is going on is a sign of depression (paraphrasing). Last night, today... I want to go to sleep. I also want to get together with people and discuss, but the two people who come to mind first have other things going on tonight, and tomorrow is right out.

It's somewhat ironic that, by keeping some things inside so as not to needlessly hurt someone, you a) get accused of/thought of as having no feelings, and b) sometimes wind up hurting them more. You think I might've learned this lesson already, but no, I keep hoping that one day, it'll be for the better.

Well, there are a few things I've kept to myself that have protected people, for lack of a better word, but...

I want to go to bed.


A few things to remember:

Scrubs season 3 is out on DVD tomorrow. I completely wasn't paying attention to this, although I thought about it recently.

I need to pay my phone bill.

I would love some real time off.

I have to figure out what colour I want to dye my hair on Thursday. Go back to red? Put more thought into this.

Find time to write. There are some ideas percolating in there, they just need an outlet.

The end of the gift is in sight. Of course, getting my nails done put a real crimper on my rate of progress. :P

Get back to the gym!

You're not as awful as you think you are.

I'm sure there's more, but if I want to be even remotely close to on time, I'd better get moving.