Just give me a number, instead of a name

Well, I feel like updating, so you're just going to have to deal with crappy formatting until I can get home and fix it.

Of course, there's always the chance that it was the copying-and-pasting from WordPerfect (shut up, I hate it too) that screwed things up, but I find that highly doubtful.

I had a dream last night that I don't really remember, but I do seem to remember that it had something to do with Moose throwing up on me or near me again. This time I think we were kissing, then he went to throw up. Kinda mimics something that happened back in September, but still -- where the hell is all this dreaming about people throwing up on or near me coming from? And what exactly does it mean? Blargh.

Didn't do too much yesterday -- just went to the gym after work, then played some video games and watched CSI. Venus is very fond of curling up in my lap when I game, and she likes to curl up next to me when I'm watching something on tv, usually leaning against me somehow. I have to admit, there's something very comforting about waking up to cats snuggling you. Maybe not quite as good as having a boy or girl in the bed, but at least these guys are pretty unconditional with their love. :)

I've been trying to keep things quiet when I can, lately. The marshmallow and I used to hang out a lot, usually just playing video games and so on, and that's all well and good, but I like my space to myself. I like to be able to spend time reading or cross stitching, or lounging around in ugly pyjamas and bad hair, watching tv. Life is good when you live alone, I think. :)

I thought I had more, but my brain has imploded. Bye bye.

[edit: this was written and emailed on Thursday. Nice to see that the posts are showing up on time. :P]


... and that's the first time I've had the cops get involved during a date.


Argh. So, because of my inability to load my site from work, I only recently noticed that things aren't formatted properly when I use the email posting technique.

Holy zombie Jesus, is it really that awful that I might have access to my sites from work!? Argh.

If you only knew how long an 8-hour day can get when I'm already staring at my computer screen, desperate for something to do, and I'm denied my ability to post... not that I did a lot of it before hand, but baby, I was gonna change!

*sigh* Maybe tomorrow morning, I won't be awoken before my alarm by the cats and/or snowplow. That would be a nice change of pace.

Is it my turn for vacation yet? I'm now accepting donations to someplace warm, far away from here, where I can be in a bikini or just bare-assed nekkers for at least a week and a half. I promise to send pictures and postcards.

OMFG I updated WB!

Yes, it's true. I finally finished the post I started over a month ago, and I've once again update The Whore's Boudoir. I feel so accomplished.

I also had a rather weird dream last night. I dreamt I was with the Ghostbusters, although I didn't necessarily recognize them so much as just know who they were. I was in some open forest room, and I had Thena with me, and I was holding her so that her head was over my shoulder, and the stress of having a ghost show up and pursue us somewhat (as I hoped that Slimer would arrive and help somehow), she threw up on my back, twice. But it was like baby barf, instead of cat barf, despite her still being a cat.

Somehow, I wound up at my parents' place, and my mom was trying to get me to go home -- not because she was mad at me or anything, just that it was time for me to go. I was insisting that I wasn't going to go just yet, that I needed a shower -- because of the barf on my back -- and she finally acquiesed. I went into what was, in my dream, my sister's room, and the shower was a part of the bed -- there was a shower nozzle with a long cord (like any detachable shower head), and you knelt on the bed and used the shower over yourself as best as you could. The covers were regular covers, they got wet as the shower sprayed them, but that was that.

It was a strange dream, and I'm sure I'm forgotten much of it, but there you go. Apparently I dream of being able to shower while in bed.

Though now that I think about it, that does sound perfect... minus the whole bed getting soaked part.

This weekend I decided I don't trust JJ for directions. :) I chauffered a few of his friends and myself to BFN Quebec, and I managed to double the length of the time the trip was supposed to take. Now, I'll admit that many of the turns are the fault of those of us in the car -- it's a shared problem -- but the trip started out on the wrong foot when the first turn we were supposed to make was on a road that had been renamed 2 years ago (though one of the towns through which we were passing had the "north" end of the "south" road we were supposed to take, so I was saying I wanted to drive down it just because). Then there was the part where we thought for sure we'd passed the town we needed to be in, so we stopped at a different crappy little restaurant (than the one that was supposed to be in the city we were aiming for), and I got to use my French to discuss our predicament with the waitress. She was very helpful, although she thought the street we needed to take had been renamed... argh! It turns out, though, that it hadn't. I announced at one point that I planned on just turning into some random house and demanding they entertain us, but that wound up being unnecessary. Our trip ended "well" when I managed to get one wheel of the car off the road and subsequently stuck, some 100 feet or less from the foot of the driveway down which I was supposed to turn. Fortunately, some Good Samaritans stopped to help us out, and it didn't take much effort to get the car unstuck.

The drive home was much less eventful, with no wrong turns at all. It helped a bit that I followed M and A home, until they turned off the highway to their home. I had said, as long as I was on the highway, I'd be fine -- because we wound up taking an alternate route to get on the highway, I knew I could get back that same way, and I was right.

Of course, the "funny" part of all of this is that I can now tell you *exactly* how to get to the "spa" at which JJ was staying, and if I do go up next time he's house-sitting, you can be damn sure I won't get lost. Or even need directions, likely. Gah.

So that was Saturday. I wound up staying out there later than I'd planned, but it was nice. At one point, JJ and M went out skiing, and the other two (my car companions) went snow-shoeing, and A and I stayed inside and a had a really nice, long chat. I've never really spent any great lengths of time talking to her, and I've always liked her, just never had the chance -- she and M don't come out to the regular group events very often, so the opportunities haven't always been there. Great people, though, and M has a really dry sense of humour that's fun, too. :)

Sunday I drove the car back out to the house, then Mom drove me back to the bus stop and I bussed to work. That's really the highlight of that day.

Friday I had gone out with the paramedic. We went for dinner to a Scottish restaurant, browsed through Chapters, where I picked up two romance novels and The Bourne Identity, because I've heard good things about it, and then we went and saw Hitch. He had originally suggested seeing Hotel Rwanda, and we'd toyed with the idea of trying to boot it downtown for another movie that was playing there, but that wasn't do-able. We decided on Hitch after seeing what all was playing at the theatre, and it was fun. He drove me home, I gave him a quick tour of the apartment, making sure to point out the exciting features such as the cats and the perfectly innocent, could not be used for any nefarious purposes whatsoever punching bag, and that was that. Then I stayed up for a few hours playing video games, even though I had to be up early the next day for the gym. I suck, but it's all good.

Last night I met with my financial planner and he said a bunch of stuff I don't understand, plus a few things I did sort of understand, and he talked a lot about his pen (as a way of illustrating examples of dividend vs. capital gains vs. some other kind of money thing), and I felt tired and then I gave him money and he went away. Actually, that's a really crappy way of detailing what happened, especially as my financial planner is a very nice man and I do like him, I was just very tired and when people talk about things I don't really understand, that doesn't help. But if I can manage to keep up the planning I have started, then by the time I'm 50 I will have $100,000, and I'll also have actual money in an RRSP. But that means I have to be better at putting aside money, 'cause right now, I sometimes suck at it. :P

I also have to realize that paying off my debts in small amounts, steadily, is better than trying to do large chunks at a time. It might be slower, but it'll still work.

I can't believe it's only a little after 1. This day is going *slowly*... Oh, but now there are New Kids, so life is better. I think it's time to do more writing. :P

His bed is on fire with passionate love

And because I am a good friend, I sent the following email to Shawn:

His email:
>>> Shawn 02/22/05 9:27 AM >>>

I gots about six hours of sleep. But at least today is the last day that I have to do this [be at work for 4:30 a.m.]. Now I can come in during the evenings. =P

How's life?!


My email:

Except that I am hiring you to cook me food throughout the week. I'm afraid that you must start at 3:30.


'cause, that's why. Don't argue with me! *smack*

I'm sorry baby, you knows I loves you... you just make me upset sometimes, and when I get upset, I just lose control. You gotta work on not making me upset, you know that!


I didn't want to post this from work, 'cause that would give away the secret. I finally found an email address that I could access from work, *and* that didn't append anything at the end of it. And, the post doesn't go through my work email account, so I am safe on that regard. Yayayay. :)

Anyhow, I'm now running late for work, so off I go. Shower fun!


"Grip it and rip it" is not how you want someone to describe their handjob technique... especially not for uncut guys

Sorry, just a piece of randomness that happened to pass through my head earlier today. Don't ask me why -- these things just happen.

My office area happens to smell vaguely like burnt plastic today. I don't seem to be having seizures...

And well, fuck. Just had a bad conversation. That didn't go at all like I might've helped -- probably didn't help that we both wound up there without any kind of warning or preparation.

What do you do when you love someone and want them in your life, but are fairly certain that a relationship between you just wouldn't work in the long-term... especially when long-term is what you want?


This space might now replace my fun MSN titles

I hate title fields

But of course, if I don't use them, then each post winds up getting titled "untitled," which, while accurate, would also be annoying and likely create minor problems for the Blogger archival system -- especially if I kept starting each post with the same words.

So, hi.

I haven't disappeared, I've just been living out the hectic lifestyle again lately -- that, and I didn't really want to come home to a computer after already spending 8 hours on it at work. Especially now that my online freedoms have been slightly curtailed, and that has meant that some of the sites I used to visit to fill time are now no longer accessible to me.

Like this one.


I can still load The ol' pissed off apostrophe, oddly enough, but I can't get into the backdoor to update any of the sites. So Jay did what he could to help me out, and I did the rest of it, and voila, we have now opened up another way of updating the site.

Of course, since I have to be careful of the pathways through which this travels, I might not speak as freely as I did before... or then again, I might. We'll have to see if there's anything about which I actually do want to speak freely.

I've also learned that more than one of my male friends tracks my period.

I don't know if this is something that should concern me or not. I mean, I'm *fairly* certain I'm not usually any crabbier, more difficult, or whatever when I'm PMS-y. I know sometimes I can have a shorter temper, or be less jolly, but I just try to keep those times to myself, so that no one gets hurt by me saying the wrong thing. As my girlfriend N has said she does, I bite my tongue a bit more. Or so I think. I don't show off my weepier moments, and I think the worst that happens is I might say that I'm feeling a little sick, or I'm quiet because I'm not feeling great.

So... why do my male friends track my period? I don't get it, but I just say that it makes my friends even weirder than I would've thought.

I brought one of my re-heatable pads to work, and it kinda helped. By lunch, I was feeling better, but a good chunk of the morning was a bit of a wash. Actually, portions of the afternoon have been a bit of a wash, too -- I just feel as though my brain has wandered off somewhere and left behind a whole bunch of cotton wool. It's like having a cold, but with different unpleasant side-effects. Maybe getting more sleep might be a good idea. Duh. :P

So, what's exciting? Well, I threw an impromptu Singles' Bash on Valentine's Day. Nuts to all of you coupled folks, we're going to hang out, too. It wound up being a fairly low-key event, but we had ice cream and watched Josie and the Pussycats, and I got a good turn out. I'm pleased. I didn't really think about it, but it's encouraging that when I plan something, I usually manage to get a decent crowd going to it -- at least, when it involves my apartment. Maybe there's something to be learned there.

After the movie ended, the cats once again became a prime source of entertainment. Poor Venus was panting with all the exertion she was putting herself through, but it was good to see. I'm a horrible mom and tend not to play a lot with my kitties, so I like when others come over and do so. Tuesday night seemed to be when it all caught up with her -- she flaked on me during Gilmore Girls and just lay there. Very cute.

Yesterday I ran a few errands after work (after my gym session had been cancelled and I'd stayed at work until nearly 6, thereby once again screwing up my plans to try to get out to see my mom to get my mail and the Norton CD), and ... my brain has completely died as to where I was going with this. Oh, right. I stopped into a used game store and picked up an early Crash Bandicoot game (Crash Bandicoot Warped) and Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal, or the third one. I played some video games, watched some CSI, and rejuvenated a little. I was just wiped by mid-day yesterday. Again, a fun by-product of no sleep and then the girl stuff. It seems I'm going to talk about my period a lot this post. Sucks to be you guys.

I'm still trying to work every now and then on a short-ish story I started awhile ago. Moose read what I'd written so far and expressed some appreciation for it, so here's hoping that goes well. I'm glad that he and I are hanging out and talking again. I miss him a lot when I don't talk to him.

At some point in the near future, when I die and have a lot more free time, I'm hoping to revamp this place. This "temporary" site that I've put up has been in place way too long, and that marks what, the third or fourth time I've said as much? At least? I know some people have said they like it, but I know that secretly they miss the pink with the pawprints. And the ugly ugly coding. Don't deny it! I know! Especially Carl and Ezy. Oh, yeah. You guys love the pink with the pawprints.

I got my hair cut last Friday. I went in and asked for the pixie cut, the same one I've been getting for a little while now, and I think it's at its shortest yet. I've been joking that I decided looking like a girl was for girls. Not that I look masculine, but I've never been a particularly girly girl, and now I'm wondering if I'm edging even further into butch-dom. I guess I should post a picture and let you guys judge for yourselves. Soon. I have to migrate my photos off of the current server, and I think I'm going to wind up using the same photo utility that Lucas is using -- and this way I can finally get around to getting rid of the pictures that are out of focus, or just identify some of them properly. Like, "here's yet another picture of Ben sleeping" and so on.

I want to go into a little ramble about femme vs. butch women, and my preferences and where I do or don't want to wind up on the scale, but I'm not sure I have time, and I'm worried I'd wind up offending someone. You know, someone out of my vast audience of lesbian fans. :) Hi, ladies!

Jay, stay away from them. They're not into boys. :)

Tonight I could have plans if I wanted to (like the marshmallow, 'cause he and I don't spend enough time together as it is... persistent little bugger), but I think considering the way I feel, another solo night is probably my best bet. With my spazzy head the way it is, I'll be lucky if I don't stab myself in the finger if I decide to cross stitch. This odd distance/light-headedness is just plain weird... it's almost like if consciousness and fainting could be placed along a continuum from 1 to 10, 10 being passed out, I'm vascillating between 4-7 all day. Very very strange.

I got my new book for book club yesterday (The Tiger Claw, by Shauna Singh Baldwin) and season 5 of Angel. This means that finally, I have all of Buffy and Angel on DVD... if you disregard the fact that JW and AM have my season 6 of Buffy, the marshmallow has my season 1 of Angel, and Ben has my season 3 of Angel. At least Big A and I connected long enough for me to get my Pirates DVD back... now if I could only talk to H long enough to get my stupid book back (and get the Palahniuk from Markuk, and my Greek text and other tape from Ben), I think I'd be all set. Stupid helpful nature! I no longer loan out anything! Bah!

Of course, I have a few books and DVDs on loan myself, and I did have poor ED's Six Feet Under for forever... urgh. Sorry. :)

And now I think I'll end this here, 'cause I need to get my space cadet brain hope, and maybe dunk it in a bucket of cold water a few times or something. Sheesh.



Oh, I have bent you to my will, dear sweet website of mine... I will no longer be blocked from updating! I will have my way!
Sorry about the lack of presence lately. Work has blocked all of my good sites -- including this one, although I can still see the Angry Apostrophe, for whatever reason -- so I'm trying to set up the stupid post from email setting. So far, I'm not having any luck, and that makes me frustrated. If anyone else has successfully done this, please let me know so I can get told in semi-condescending tones what I'm doing wrong. :)

In the meantime, I should be back soon. The trick is to just *stop* making plans, and see how well that works out. So far... well, we'll see.


I am a writing machine. Today I have worked a bit more on my story, written the usual metric ton of emails, and managed to toss off a speech in less than an hour for one of my colleagues. I still feel as though I'm having to force some of this writing, but ... other times it flows a bit more. We'll see what others think of the speech I wrote. Not that I usually feel much sense of validation from work stuff, but it's always nice to know what I write is appreciated.

My personal life has become slightly confusing again, and yes Shawn, I know it's my own fault. I know I need to extricate myself from it, and I need to figure out the best way to do that. The only problem is with stupid St. Valentine's Day coming up, there's going to be some feelings hurt more than otherwise, or so I suspect. Urgh. Frustrating, if nothing else.

I got some potentially good news at work today, but I'm not going to do much talking about it until I see whether or not it's actual fact. If it is, well, today was just plain ol' Christmas -- what with getting my paycheque today, too. My big raise has amounted to about a whole $25 more per paycheque than what I was making, back when I first got hired (and before I got stuck with the agency). Hooray for taxes. :P

We have a big branch retreat tomorrow, at which they're going to talk to us about what's going on with the re-org, and various other stuff. Exciting day... urgh. At least I'm getting picked up at my place, so I won't have to try to make it to work for some early early hour in order to get a ride out. I'll still have to be ready a bit earlier than usual, since half the time I don't get in the shower until 8:15, and that's what time my ride is going to be there (more or less), but it's really not that bad, all things considered.

Recent developments and people in my life and even past developments have given me a lot of time to consider what it is I need from a guy I'm going to be able to date and be happy with -- physically, and emotionally. I've done a fair bit of beating myself up over it, since I feel guilty saying "I need this" from a person in order to be content with them. But it's not something I should be abusing myself over, since everyone has personality traits they need to be happy, and everyone has physical things that turn them on. Just because someone is lacking this or that does not make them less of a person, it just means they are not as well-suited to you as you might like.

Rationally, I know that. Hell, I've told that to other people. But when it involves people in my life... very rough.


Bash is treating me nicely today:

(Skye-) Talking to my exgf at 3:31 AM :P
(fluffi) yeahhhh, thats what i do with my ex's at 3 in the morning, i "talk" to them ;)
(fluffi) i havent had a good "talk" lately though
(Skye-) I bet :P
(Skye-)define talk fl00f! :P
(kairi00) so that's what they call it these days... "talk" :p
(Skye-) do you "talk" to yourself alot?
(fluffi) i dont "talk" to myself
(fluffi) i "mime" ;)

(Legal18f) yet they insist on a/s/l!
(smarm) hehe
(Legal18f) Isn't it obvious by my nick that I'm a 21 year old male?

(Fusion) My cat tried to eat a praying mantis. I told him it was a bad idea.
(Mitsugi) what was his response?
(Fusion) Uh... "meow"
(Mitsugi) figures
(Fusion) Yeah. What a bitch.

(Karl[LB]) I put Linkin Park on and my cat goes running to the speakers and starts attacking them

ZolaOnAOL: You can't judge a book by its cover.
DrRocksicle: you can if it has no pages
And because I don't feel like providing real content (saving that for a story I'm working on), have some bash.org quotes:

[16:18] (novocain) shit its 4:20
[16:19] *** THC_420 (VR66@ has joined #winprog

(andy) I want to live in a camaro, not a van.
(WIP) You can't put a waterbed in a camaro.
(andy) that sounds suspiciously like a bet.

(Ded`work) "Roses are red, violets are blue, all of my base, are belong to you"...heh, cute
(Ded`work) a geek valetine poem
(Arcturus) Roses are #FF0000, violets are #0000FF
(phillys) rofl
(Jen’s note – those are both t-shirts available through ThinkGeek.)

(oliciv) Roses are red,
(oliciv) violets are blue,
(oliciv) badger badger badger,
(oliciv) badger badger mushroom

(Mild) a choose your own adventure hamlet would be nice too
(Mild) To be, turn to page 73.

(Colby) Some people are like Slinkys. They don't really do anything, but it's still funny when one of them takes a tumble down the stairs.

(evildoer) EXCERRENT
(Kitsa) what are you babbling on about?
(Kitsa) lol
(Kitsa) ah
(Kitsa) flea market?
(evildoer) yas
(Kitsa) what did you barter, your spelling ability?

(zhevinakeer) I'm 3/4ths polish, 1/4th italian. I can cook, I can eat, and I DAMN well know how to put a screen door on a submarine.

Wryol: Ouch
Blood4Shame: What?
Wryol: Nothing
Blood4Shame: What is wrong hun?Wryol: ......brb
Blood4Shame: Ok?
Wryol: Accidentally cumming on cuts burns and stings more than Peroxcide.
Blood4Shame: Aww... Well it's calcium, so good for the bones, right?
Wryol: ...Remind me never to mention things like that to you again.

(@LazyMan13) [¥] Lag: 1.048 seconds [¥] Project Infusion v0.0.3 [¥]
* @LazyMan13 gives up
* +Knights slides his dick out of Lazy's connection and zips his pants...
(@LazyMan13) [¥] Lag: 0.102 seconds [¥] Project Infusion v0.0.3 [¥]
(@LazyMan13) .....
(@LazyMan13) damn you Knights

(missing) a chick walks by, u wish u could sex her
(missing) but ya standin on the wall like u was poindexter!
(akaIDIOT) since when is sex a verb?
(corngrits) i had sex
(corngrits) isnt that a verb ?
(ceraph) no, thats a miracle

(webby_g[work]) some guy just forgot his login and NEEDED to print out some work, so I let him login into my account and print it off, aren't I NICE?
(Zarei) no now all your bases will belong to him
(webby_g[work]) he was supervised, so if he did try to me up me the bomb, he would have had no chance to survive make his time.

(vogon) abortion should be mandatory if the child possesses the goth gene.
(vogon) and how do we know what the goth gene is, you ask? it's the one that's all robed in black and writing bad poetry.
(vogon) "Here I sit / trapped in my double-helix cell / polymerase taunts me with every mitosis / I want to die."

Now I'm off to do some writing. Or maybe some cross stitching, since it's coming up on lunch time -- after I go get the docket. See, I do work!
Go here. Shawnmotron will hump you in gratitude.

I laugh more now.


Weird -- it was absolutely silent here for a little while, but for my typing.

Venus threatened to pee on the bed this morning, but I got up, fed her and scooped out her litterbox. I sure showed her!

Man, and I thought Thena had made me her bitch back when she was a kitten...

Kinda fun reading back through that -- some of those moments I remember anyhow, and others only really came back to me with the re-reading of the posts. She really was a cute, funny little kitten -- so full of confidence and so self-assured... yet still just a tiny little thing that every now and then needed me. Crazy.

What have I been up to lately? Lots of socializing, again. When did my life get to be so active like this? Urgh. And of course, given the nature of my brain, I don't remember any of it.

I'm planning on cutting back on it somewhat, though. I don't like that when I'm hanging out with this person or that one, I'm not writing. Mostly lately, I've been playing video games and sometimes cross-stitching, when I hand the control over to someone else. I've barely read anything in ages -- I only got half-way through my book for book club, and the only books I've read have been those on my PDA, and they're books I've already read. In cleaner English, I've been re-reading Incubus Dreams (Laurell K. Hamilton) and Order of the Phoenix (J.K. Rowling). No new material.

I also have the return of Gilmore Girls on Tuesday nights, the return of Pho -- also on Tuesday nights -- the gaming sessions, which are down to one now (although with the likely start of the Buffy game, that may go back to two), writer's group, which met again on Sunday. This time, everyone made it in, which was good. We didn’t talk a lot about our writing, mostly just catching Jamie up on what we’ve discussed in the past, and where we want to go.

The cats were well-behaved. Venus stayed away from the food (a minor miracle), and Thena was very mellow on the kitchen chairs. She was outside for a bit and seems to have made a friend of the orange and white cat that’s around Venus’ age, so that was kinda neat. I’d opened the door to see the two of them on the back patio, and neither seemed upset.

Saturday was a bit of running around -- I made it out to IKEA, got everything I needed to put up curtains in the final window (well, these are going to go in my room, then those will be moved to the spare bedroom), and soon the cats and I will be able to hide from the world in curtained-splendour! I also got a massage on Saturday, which was nice. The massage therapist and I talked the whole time, and then it was off to play some video games. Later I went out to the 'cube for what turned out to be a bit of girl-kissing, some drunkeness and lots of weird on-going drama. Shawn and I walked to the bus station, where Mad picked me up, and I joined another group of folks for a drama-less ending to the evening.

Back to Sunday... I went off to work, actually got in a bit early for a change, and the shows were moderately interesting for a change; the first one dealt with the same-sex legislation, and of course some of the kooks called in. Then the last one had a coroner as the guest, and she was quite interesting to listen to. Of course, the host kept asking her a question, then talking over her for great periods of time every time she went to actually speak... And I don’t understand why it is, whenever someone old introduces someone young, they have to point out both their age and the fact that “they’re quite articulate” or “they’re quite well-spoken,” or similar comments. Are old people the only ones allowed to be articulate? ‘Cause in my experience, the ones that call in are actually the doddering, drooling ones... maybe it’s time to start saying, “And here’s so-and-so. He’s quite the old fart, and look – he managed to avoid drooling when he spoke today!”

I took that in a much grosser direction originally, but then I grossed myself out, so I changed it.

People are driving me nuts today. Argh. If you give me nothing to go on, don’t expect me or my speech writer to have been able to read your minds and deliver gold. If all you said was “don’t write fluff,” then don’t wonder why the speech writer didn’t magically turn that into the epic pronouncements on the future of the department that your boss wants to deliver.

Blargh. I think I’m going to end this here – it’s taken me all day to get this much out, and I don’t even really remember what I’d originally wanted to say. No wonder I can’t write anymore... my brain is fucking shot from work.

Also, my wrist still hurts from boxing on Wednesday, so this is going to make today’s gym appointment interesting.


I don't understand Groundhog's Day. On the radio this morning, they said that Punxsutawney Phil and Shubenacadie Sam had seen their shadows, so that meant that we had another six weeks of winter.

But then they went on to say that our Ontario groundhog, Wiarton Willy, hadn't seen his shadow, so that meant that spring would be arriving in another six weeks.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this just another way of saying, we'll flip a coin, and heads I win, tails you lose? We'll have six more weeks of winter, or in six weeks spring will arrive?! I am confused.