Updated the Whore's Boudoir.

Also, I need reassurances that I will not die from attempting to do my masters' degree, even part-time. I'm very glad right now that I didn't enroll in two classes; I already have a metric fuckton of work I'm going to have to do for just the one, let alone both.

I'm kinda convinced that I'm going to die. Or at least break down and drop out; whichever comes first.


Hehehe... life is good.

I have a man slave. He brings me groceries and makes me dinner. He also thinks I'm super-sexy, all-around awesome, and likes to cuddle.

He stares at me sometimes, but it's in a good way. If I want to throw off his concentration, all I have to do is mention my kitten shirt.

I will mention more later, when I've finished making the rest of it up. ;)


Dear fans,

James and I are very happy together. What can I say? My licking skills convinced him quickly. Will write more after the wedding.

All of my love,


It's my birthday today.

I am now old.



It's reasons like these that I want/need a man around the house. :P

Yuck. I discovered that after I was already in the shower with it on. So, I shut off the shower, stomped into the bedroom to message someone on MSN, saying, "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck," then stomped into the kitchen to grab my Swiffer, put a paper towel on it, head back into the bathroom and squish the damn thing, which didn't die right away, probably due to a run-on sentence, then squished it more and eventually rinsed it down the drain after it tumbled into my shampoo and conditioner bottles and so on.

All while naked and dripping on the floor.

Yeah, living alone rocks.


Well, very brief update, but for those of you who don't already know/read my MSN titles, I bought a motorcycle yesterday.

It's a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja 500R, a nice dark blue colour, and it'll be mine sometime next week. Now I just have to make sure the bank approves my loan. :P I'm vaguely stressed about money issues, but it should work out okay. I just have to stop eating. ;)

Naw, it's not that bad. I just have to manage my money a bit better than I have before, and it'll be okay. :)

My dad has already resolved to steal it a lot, so I've told him if that's the case, I get his car -- which I've never driven before, except to back in and out of the driveway. But I think he realizes that he can't exactly steal my transportation and leave me without. *grin*

Also, what was cool was that my mom was talking to my maternal grandmother, telling her about this plan and so on, and she apparently started out with the big inhale and the uncertainty, then moved into saying that there are riding groups around that I should join and so on. That's pretty awesome of my grandmother to make that kind of turnaround. :)

It still doesn't feel real just yet, but I'll get there. I think once I have it in my posession and actually ride it a bit, that'll help.

So yeah, my first motor vehicle purchase is obviously a very practical one. ;)

Other than that, dating is going well, I'm on vacation for the next while, and I'm having parties to celebrate my birthing. No one has responded to my invites, so I'm just going to have to assume that no one's coming over on Tuesday. Ah well, it'll be nice to have an evening to myself, even if it is my birthday. Maybe I'll take myself out to a bar and see if I can get people to buy me drinks, given that I'm po'.

And now, I must end this update. I have some cooking I'm hoping to do today before my celebrations take place. They were supposed to have a heavy outdoor component, but I'm not sure that'll pan out. :P There might be mud-wrestling, though... :P


I love analysis from strangers:

"Subject: every now and again...

... I come across a profile that's intriguing for one reason or another. The photos, the profile description in the writer's own words... there's a lot of aggression here ("pseudo-violent"? what kind of psychobabble is that?).

The thing that strikes me about your profile is that I detect a very strong "butch" vibe, which could very well be the reason why some men feel somewhat "intimidated" around you (men usually are uneasy around lesbians due to their barely concealed hostility towards the male gender)... the nagging feeling that someone isn't quite who they're trying to make themselves out to be... or just hasn't realized it yet themselves. Just an observation."

*gasp* Could he possibly be trying to tell me that I'm a lesbian, I just haven't realized it yet?! But... but... that would be wrong and icky, etc.! Only men and women should be together, and especially for the process of creating more babies and more men and women within the bonds of holy matrimony!

Two girls!? Whatever would they do!?


I'm too tired to really give this what it deserves, but I replied fairly politely to the guy -- you may be surprised to hear. :)


[girl moment]


[/girl moment]

More later. I'm working on many things to post, I swear it!

However, in the meantime:

I am getting older. This is a fact that will be celebrated.

Huzzah! etc.

My apartment, next week -- Tuesday, August 23rd. Potluck.

Email me at (my) first initial last name at yahoo.com if you want to come, or plan on coming. Alternately, call my cell.

Show up from 5 onwards. Much other revelry will take place... but only if you bring foods! Otherwise, you have to trim Thena's nails, without help. Hah!


Dear website,

I promise, I still love you. I will be updating you soon, as I have lots of great news to tell you! In the meantime, I will continue on in the vein I have been, trying to uphold the alternate name of this site, "IChaseBoys".

Dot com.



Good news, everybody -- I have purchased my ticket to go and see James Marsters at the end of this month. Oddly enough, mine was issued with a "special permission to lick him" ntoe -- it's like they knew or something.

In other news, I had my in-class motorcycle class yesterday. A lot of what they told us was also in the book they sent us, plus general motorcycle/driving knowledge, but it was nice to see it illustrated and discussed by people who actually ride on their own. Just reading it in a book doesn't always get the message across to me.

I was vaguely annoyed on the way home because of how long it took me to get back. To get to the course was only about 20 minutes; to get home, it was about an hour. Partly my own stupidity, partly the bus and train route stupidity. I had really been hoping to get a decent night's sleep in, but obviously that was not in the cards -- especially as my darling cat decided that she hadn't had enough of my attention yesterday, and that 3 a.m. would be a perfect time to try to get it.

Venus wasn't thrilled with my attempts to have a nap yesterday afternoon, and then she got her revenge on me by waking me up to play or to cuddle or to I don't know what at 3 a.m., and a few times after that. Since I was awake at that hour, I decided to take advantage of that and do a nighttime piddle, and she tried to ensure that I didn't forget she was around by staying fairly glued to my feet. So helpful. :P

In terms of sleep and the lack thereof, I'm a bit concerned about this weekend. Not only is it starting ridiculously early (we are to be there at 7:45 a.m., to start riding at 8 a.m.), but it's not exactly convenient to me. So, I'm staying with my folks so that I can get a lift out on Saturday, and steal the car and drive myself on Sunday. Not too horrible, but of course there are plans both of those days -- book club Friday night, and then Greg's birthday celebrations Saturday night. *sigh* I plan on likely making a brief appearance at both -- I imagine I'll be exhausted on Saturday, and definitely have no plans for a late evening then, but Friday might be a bit harder, especially if I'm trying to go to bed at an hour before all the rest of the household has settled. It would be slightly better to stay at home and rest, but not much -- after all, my cats have proven to be very effective deterrents when they want to be, even if I do lock them out of the bedroom. :P

It also looks as though I'll be attending the March of the Penguins by my lonesome tonight, but I'm okay with that. It means I can go and watch, cry all I want, then go home without feeling like I'm supposed to be entertaining someone or anything like that. I'll probably be going straight from work to buy a ticket, then go home and watch Scrubs and/or knit or something until it's time to go back and stand in line. I don't exactly feel like standing in the hot sun for a few hours to save my place. :P

This is a really boring entry, isn't it? :) I feel as though I should be regaling you with tales of sexual exploits or something in order to keep your interests, but at the moment, I have no tales of which to tell. I will be updating Porn by a Chick at some point (I even received a request for an update, in a manner of speaking), and I have something in mind that sort of started up last night.

In addition, I've booked my birthday celebrations -- they'll be taking place at R's parents' place on August 20th, probably starting mid-afternoon. Details will be forthcoming once he and I have had a chance to sit down and iron them out, though this year's theme is childlike in nature, glorifying the fact that I'm hitting a milestone birthday -- 25. Fortunately, it's not likely to be the 'panic party' theme I'd originally envisioned, as I have a secure job, and that was one of the main requirements.

R and I have a list of things we need to discuss, and no real time in which to do them -- I can only imagine how hectic his schedule is, and I think my next free evening is Tuesday at this point. :P

For my other posse(s), I'm thinking dinner on the actual evening of is in order, unless my parents want to take me out. :D I'll be talking to them about it this weekend. Stupid birthday, falling on a Tuesday this year. So lame. If that doesn't take place, then I might not have any other formal celebrations, as the weekend after my birthday, I'll be tied up (pun intended) seducing hot actors in Toronto. Now, if only I had appropriately-seductive clothes... and a seductive nature. :/


Okay, so, she’s my mother and I love her, right? But holy crap can she piss me off sometimes.

Or, otherwise known as, “things that don’t annoy me until later, when I think about them more, and get all upset and wonder if I should say something about it or if that’ll just make it seem like I was obsessing about something long after the fact.”

I have a cousin who’s about two months older than I am. I haven’t had a lot to do with any of my cousins in the last billion years, for many reasons I won’t bother going into here, but if you really want to know, I can later give my theories on people your age, parents, families, and so on.

Anyhow, some of you may recall that I attended this cousin’s wedding two years ago. Nine months ago, she got pregnant and just recently had the baby – two days ago, apparently. I learned of her birth-giving through her MSN name; the same way I learned that she was having a girl (and subsequently informed my mom), and odd other details here and there (moving house, that sort of thing, I think). I called my folks up last night to tell them of the event, and my dad said that they knew, that my uncle had called yesterday to tell them. I thanked them for calling me, and my dad said that he guessed they forgot.

I spoke with my mom today on an unrelated matter, and I mentioned it – and she said that whenever she’s mentioned other things about my cousin, I didn’t seem very interested, so she didn’t think I’d be interested in this.

Nice, Mom. Very nice.

Oh wait – I think I mean immature. Because I don’t ask about my cousins often enough for your liking, you’re punishing me by not telling me about this? That’s just great. And for the record, I have talked about my cousin’s pregnancy while it was on-going, including asking my mom when she was due and so on. While admittedly, I think she’s crazy for having a baby this early on in her life/marriage/career, it’s not my life/marriage/career, and if she can make it work, all the more power to her.

But hey, at least Mom’s found a new thing to bother me about, instead of my weight or whatever. :P


Well, it was a weird weekend for dreams, I can tell you that much. One night, I dreamt that a guy I despised in high school was back in town and was trying to convince me once again that he’d changed. I gave him a second chance a few years ago, when I was still in university, and found he hadn’t – so this time around, in my dream, I wasn’t having any part of it, and told him so. Then, a girl I knew in high school (and haven’t seen since about second year, when I ran into her on the bus), came to my door and started telling me off for not being his friend. When I defended myself, she started physically attacking me.

The second dream that I remember had me discovering, through a trip to my doctor’s office for something unrelated (I think), that I was six months pregnant, and hadn’t known because I’d still been having my period and everything the whole time. Even the belly apparently wasn’t pronounced enough to clue me in, though once I knew, I noticed that it was baby-sized; and I guess I hadn’t noticed the quickening taking place, either. Once I learned of my pregnancy, I was trying to figure out how to tell everyone, since this would now mean that I’d be giving birth before Madeleine, and I wasn’t sure how that would go over with everyone. Remember, this was a dream – in real life, I doubt any of my friends are that competitive.

Usually being too warm when I sleep is what will almost-certainly guarantee I have dreams that I remember; I think this time it was food right before bed that was to blame, though the handfuls of Cheerios I ate last night didn’t seem to produce any dreams that I really remember. I think there was something, but it’s not standing out.

Being normal is simply too much effort for me.

In other news… I finally quit my Sunday-evening gig. This represents some four and a half years of my life. I met some good people there, and some of them I’ll be keeping in touch with, but otherwise… it feels good to be free of it. Not that it’s really sunk in yet, but there you have it. As I told my boss, part of my felt sad about doing it, but since I’ll be going back to school in the fall, and since I have a real job and so on, it’s time to reclaim my weekends.

I had a fairly nice long weekend. Lots of sleeping in, despite the weird dreamings, and a good mix of socializing and time to myself.

Friday night I had a massage, then a boy came over and we split a bottle of red wine on my back step. Both of us got chattier as the evening progressed and the wine in our glasses decreased, and it would seem I’ll probably hear from him again when he returns from his vacation. I have, however, been wrong before, so I’m not putting a great deal of hopes onto anything. It’s still way too early for that.

Saturday I slept in, then met up with Madeleine and N for a girly day. Along with N’s fiancĂ© R, we had girly virgin mixed drinks (lots of berries and frozen yogurt, as well as cans of daiquiri mix), lots of snacks (I bring Clodhoppers so people will hate me!), and then painted our toenails and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. For some reason I was fairly exhausted all afternoon, and could’ve gone to sleep at almost any point, but I stayed awake until midnight or thereabouts, when we all went home – after a delicious fajita dinner (eaten during the movie), some lovely cabana-boy service from dear R, and some general chatting and attempted plotting of yours truly’s upcoming birthday celebrations.

Sunday I slept in until noon, so I didn’t feel the need to get too much done during the few hours of alone time I had before I had to get to the station. More weird flirting from the news guy, though calling his bluff proved that it was just something he was doing for his own amusement, more than any actual interest (at least, so I’ve concluded), and then back home again.

Monday I finally managed to get myself to the gym, and I did a legs workout and attempted to kill off my abs. This is much easier said than done. I managed to get a copy of God of War from the nearby Blockbuster, so I spent some time playing that while I tried to get in touch with people for our movie outing. Stefan and Matt were the only two who came out, and when we drove past the theatre and saw the huge lineup, we elected to go and see Wedding Crashers instead, and see my Penguin movie tonight. Stefan made fun of me for my excitement about a documentary on penguins, but whatever. There’s bound to be more mocking when I start crying for no reason, too.

So tonight, Penguin movie! Yay! And, since I am finally unemployed from the station, there is no conflict on Sunday with my course – I was wondering how it was all going to work out, but it’ll be fine. Spend the night at the parents’ place, steal their car, maybe get fed that evening… it’s all good. If I’m a real keener, I’ll even get a birthday present for my dad that day, and won’t have to think I’m a horrible daughter if I don’t get out to see him on his actual birth date. :)


Hehehe... I apparently own the two hits on google for "discuss sex intelligently". That's the kind of publicity I can get behind. ;)

I have more to say, but... not as much motivation to say it. Who wants my shift next week? Urgh.

I want to have a crush on someone. Alternately, I want someone to have a crush on me.