I was watching Robot Chicken today, and in one of their clips they equated The Core, which my friend Jay worked on, to terrorism. I'm way too amused by that.

I also cracked my trainer up today. Yesterday he told the desk clerk that he's used to candid answers from me, so today when he asked how I was doing, I said conflicted. He asked me, "conflicted?", so I told him that on the one hand, driving a motor vehicle around my city makes me homicidal, but on the other hand, I was wearing my underwear that had chickens on it and said "puk puk," and that amused me, so I was in a good mood.

He dropped his water bottle and bent over, laughing. I like making people laugh, especially if it's from saying something completely unexpected.

Although people are starting to expect the unexpected from me, so sometimes it gets harder to surprise them.

In other news, Dear Boyfriend told me yesterday that his aunt told his cousin's girlfriend that she adores me, and they both agreed that I talk a lot -- or that one doesn't have to worry about conversation when I'm around. Dear Boyfriend told me that it's not a bad thing, that I don't have to be self-conscious about it (as I am about everything), and told his folks and family that I come by it naturally, via my father (which is true).

I've been told that the brother's soon-to-be-wife, a Newf, is impossible to out-talk; I've also been told that the brother is even more quiet than Dear Boyfriend (who can get chatty, just apparently not so much with the family). I said that, as the brother is quieter, he had to date a Newf to balance him out, whereas Dear Boyfriend only had to go to a bluenoser. :)


From Fark.com:

I hope you change your mind soon. Our alliance with the spider kingdom depends on their perceived dominance of us over them. Remember our agreement with the spiders:

Spiders are free to live with man and eat the insects in our homes as long as they are never seen. Should a spider ever make itself visible to man, it has broken the agreement and must be killed.


Anyone up for a day showing of the new Harry Potter movie on Friday? I have the day off and Dear Boyfriend isn't interested in seeing it with me.


Ridiculous things I obsess over #196:

I have a mole/beauty mark on my face. You may have seen or noticed it in pictures. I happen to like it, and it represents a part of my face that I'm fairly used to.

Well, a few weeks ago I had a pimple or something under it, which of course I couldn't leave alone. I have problems; I think that much is obvious. Anyways, it ended up scabbing, I scratched at it a few times, and now, the mole is pretty much gone, aside from some pink/redness where everything is still healing.

For about two weeks or more (I heal slowly), I've been stressing about whether or not this mole will grow back. I like having it, I want to still have it, and I'm worried I won't have it anymore.

Yet I'm not really worried about my unpaid bills or school (okay, that one's a lie). I'm worried about a stupid mole on my face. :P