And now for something completely different

I was checking out this jock's website today, and from the look of things, he might do voice coaching, so if my other boss doesn't pull through on the possible voice coaching lead, I might be able to get it from someone right at the station, who has taught at the Gonq on this very subject. Truly excellent. :)

Also... might email the lady that used to work at the station and ask her about where she took lessons, just in case the boss doesn't know.

I'd rather take the lessons from a stranger than from the guy that I know, but at the same time, I'm not horrendously close to him, so it could work out. We'll see on prices -- I have the feeling he'd probably give me a better price. If I see him tomorrow, I'll mention it, otherwise I'll email him and see what he thinks. For all I know, he doesn't even do it. We'll see!

Argh! Waiting. *sigh* I'll live.

Stupid freaking school stress... *way* too much crap to get done. Argh! Argh! I'll write about it later.

I like the Violent Femmes best of I picked up... good stuff on there. And Cake is still my favourite group. Excellent relaxing music. :)

Check out "Floop's song" if you get a chance. It screams Danny Elfman and overall just plain rules. I wish it were a full-length song, but ah well. It was about the only redeeming thing from Spy Kids (a friend made me watch it! I swear!).

I'm gone. More early classes tomorrow. I'll write more from work, once I get more updates. :)

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