Is my mom mad at me, or is she just going through the change or something? Eesh.

Let's see, the Olympics... I liked the Ode to the West, or whatever they called it, but the handing off of the torch to like *every* bloody American athlete? Pretty typical American grandstanding. :P

The problem with having an Olympics in the U.S. so 'soon' after the WTC disaster is that we're going to be choking on American patriotism the whole time. *sigh* I generally avoid the Olympics regardless, just because they bug me so. It reminds me of school, when the focus seemed to be on sports -- much less so in my high school than in my elementary school, which I really appreciated, but it was there nonetheless. Our society seems to say that there's something wrong with you if you're out of shape, or not particularly interested in athletics. I'm not horrendously fat, but I'm certainly not going to be winning too many footraces in the near future. Is that so bad? I mean, I'm reasonably intelligent, I'm not coyote ugly... but I'm not an ideal person 'cause I'm not athletic. Well, poo on that.

I've been so frustrated lately with the guys that are around me. The coworker, one guy whose show the coworker produces... I'm just so sick of the guys around me drooling over women that cross their paths. It just feels like I'm being totally overlooked and ignored... I'm good to hang out with, but I'm no good to look at. It's really annoying, and it makes me want to hit them or yell at them or something, and I don't know if I have that 'right'... but if nothing else, I think it's a matter of common courtesy. Maybe I'll start doing the same thing to the guys around me and see how the coworker likes it. Mind you, I'm already on shaky ground there, but I can always just point it out as a point I'm trying to make.

Argh. Men suck. :P :)

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