Let's see, content... nothing, really. Like I said, got the proposition from a new friend yesterday. I felt kinda bad, 'cause I don't really look at him that way (he's now the third person that I'm not terribly attracted to to proposition me, weird times), but he's a nice guy. I like him fine... just don't really look at him that way. *shrug* I find I enjoy sex more when I'm emotionally involved with the person I'm sleeping with, 'cause I'm more willing to talk to them about what I need or like. That's probably why I haven't wanted to do anything 'adventurous' in awhile; just a lack of certainty on my emotional status.

Sorry, cuddle Digger break. He's standing on my keyboard tray as I type. The pen theft attempt didn't really pan out. He likes to steal Post-It pads, and he sometimes gets bored and wants something simple to play with. I'll give him Kinder egg toys, or balls of paper or whatever I can find, and he's thrilled. He used to go spelunking under my sister's bed, come out with a gum wrapper or something, and then just run off, thrilled as can be.

For a year or so, strips of carpet were his favourite playthings... before that it was that wheat-like grass that grows in the summer... he's such a sweetiepie.

Ah well... one day of work left (11 hour day), and it's vacation time for me! The appointment time is booked (Sunday at 1 p.m.), looks like the plans are going ahead. Buses leave Ottawa every hour on the hour for Montreal (hopefully that schedule holds for Saturdays and Sundays), so sometime Saturday will be departure time. Spend some time exploring in Montreal, go to the Biosphere, do some touristy shopping/walking (here's hoping the weather holds so I can wear sneakers and not my winter boots, which aren't good for long walks), spend the night (gotta book the hotel), and then... ta-dah!

Still having the semi-wonky eyes from staring at a white screen for so long... I think that having a black background may not be the best of ideas all the time. :)

I'm going to be psyched tomorrow, provided I have a good day. :) *dance* More later... I should get some sleep, but I don't feel tired. :(

Damn friend changing her CD again... she's damn lucky I just haven't burned the fucking thing. Argh!

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