Truly a terrible semester. I have everyone possible upset with me... school is a nightmare and a half (FIVE work groups, possibly six by the end of the semester)... my debts don't seem to be decreasing, in spite of my best efforts... *sigh*

I'm running in place and not getting anywhere. Argh.

At the same time, I'm wearing my fantastic ass pants today, I'm receiving strange amounts of male attention (even if it's more of the 'c'mon baby, lemme do you' than 'I can't live without you' attention), I've made it through the majority of a Friday without breaking down in tears (or even thinking I need to, and yet this is normally my emotional time of the month!)... and tomorrow I leave for Montreal... and spending a weekend doing touristy stuff. :)

Gonna check out the Biosphere, maybe do some shopping, check out some sex shops ;)... and the piercing. Nervous about that, but we'll see how it goes. Basically I'm just leery 'cause of the lack of anaesthesia, but I got the other body mod without it, so I should be fine. I'm tough! Plus, I don't imagine it'll be a lasting pain... and I have lots of pain-relievers, so I'll make it. :)

Ah well... no real content, so I'll sign off here.

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