And March redux...

March What? Done?
The 6th E-journal submission (to group)
The 7th Group Dynamics paper due (solo) YES!
The 13th E-journal submission (to group)
The 20th E-journal due (submit to professor)
The 28th Group Dynamics paper due (solo)
The ?? Negotiation due (???)

*sigh* I hate school. I'm really annoyed with my school right now, actually... but I'll go into that later. For now, I gotta get to bed. Maybe some kitties will join me. :)

Ah yes, and day 5 of total celibacy (yes, even that) is nearly ended, and so far, so good. I gotta make a note somewhere: Wednesday, March 6th was the last day there was any kind of action. Please note, this is by my choice, not circumstances. If you care. :)

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