It's an unfair stereotype, and I probably shouldn't be subscribing to it, but... I just sometimes have a hard time believing that guys feel the same way that girls do. I buy into the whole stupid socialization of men, that they're big and tough and strong and manly, and they don't cry... even though I've held four different guys in the last year as they cried.

I've lain in my bed and cried myself nearly ill, unable to get a whole night's sleep because of a guy. I woke up the next morning with eyes swollen to hell... and I have felt this tearing pain as if nothing will ever feel right again. I've broken down, sobbing, because of a guy (and because of a cat), and I just can't imagine a guy feeling the same way. I've been told by guys that they love me, and I guess I just don't imagine them caring the same way that I care. Maybe I just see myself as unloveable, I don't know.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying guys can't feel the same way, or lay crying in their beds because their girlfriends broke up with them or something, but... it just feels different, as unfair as that may or may not be.

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