Not enough people are updating their sites! That's why I like reading Di's site -- she updates a lot. It's great. :)

Ah well... went over and chatted with the pizza guy for awhile yesterday. It was pretty relaxed and nice... I was nervous and feeling a bit awkward, but it was all good. At the end I gave him a hug and he held me tight and it was good. He was telling me that my female friend, who I will call H, was saying the other day (or her boyfriend was) that she never hears from me anymore. WTF?!?!!? She fazed me out to become part of the H-R entity, and she doesn't hear from *me* anymore? Pizza guy said he didn't say a word, just kept his mouth shut. He and I have had multiple discussions on the subject. I asked him if it would be out of line for me to fire off an email to her saying, "Hey, did you phase me out because of the H-R entity, or, because you were mad at me? (and I don't think it's the latter)"... he said it would be blunt and maybe a bit aggressive, but not necessarily out of line. Maybe I will Marge, maybe I will.

Then last night, I had a dream that I was going to move in with her. Weird, weird, weird.

Got a bunch of other things to write about, like the weekend with the ex-, and anything else that might be going on in my life (oh wait, nothing), but I'm running behind this morning, so I gotta move. Trying to decide between getting together with people from work tonight for one guy's birthday, or go out to far from my house (although not so far from downtown) to meet with some other friends about the trip to London in the summer. *sigh* Money! I need lots of it. :( I'll likely go out to the meeting... it'll be fun. :)

Anyhow, more later... just haven't been in the mood to write lately. Maybe I'll start writing blogs in class. :)

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