Your Sexual Persona
As a Phi you are not overly sexual, but you're definitely sexual enough. Many people tend to view themselves as overtly sexual, or fret that they aren't sexual enough. Phis, on the other hand, fall somewhere neatly in between the two extremes. You feel just fine about how sexy you appear to others. You have a decent level of sexual confidence too, and you're aware of others' sexual presence. You know to some degree what you like when it comes to sex. All in all, you're more balanced than most, because you don't obsess over any of the above-mentioned criteria

Because you aren't an extremist, you tend not to feel especially negative or positive about your sexuality unless prompted by an extreme circumstance. In other words, a situation that is especially positive or a situation that is uncomfortably negative may cause you to...
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Your Emotional/Physical Balance
You're a P-. Your sexual motivation is primarily driven by the physical high you derive from sex. It isn't necessarily that you don't assign emotional importance to having sex with someone; it's that the physical side of sex is much more compelling to you and is what most strongly motivates you to pursue being sexual with someone. Further, you are fairly goal-oriented when it comes to sex. You may even find foreplay — for all its meandering and playfulness — a bit difficult to bear at times. Your preference is a more direct path to orgasm. A word of advice: communicate this preference to your partners, as some may misunderstand your lack of interest in foreplay as a lack of interest in them sexually.

Your Desire for Emotional Connection During Sex
There is an emotional component to sex for you, but the need to connect with your sexual partner it isn't the driving force...
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Your Touch/Look Balance
You appreciate the visual aspect of your sexual experiences, but displaying and being shown physical affection is a slightly more compelling part of the experience for you. Indeed, while when it comes to the balance of the physical closeness versus looking and admiring your partner from a bit of a distance, you tend more strongly to be a toucher than a watcher. It can cause confusion sometimes, with you drawn to and away from your sexual partner simultaneously in some instances. When in doubt, however, you tend to move in closer rather than sit back to enjoy the show.

Your Tendency to be Affectionate During Sex
You know what you like during sex, and it isn't necessarily gobs of affection. Whether you are involved with a casual partner or a long-term lover, you aren't likely to go...
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You aren't willing to hang from the chandelier naked, but you are willing to try lots of things that others might be too shy to try. You can't help yourself. You like a little adventure when it comes to romping around in the sack, or wherever it happens to be that you do your wild thing. You might even have surprised a few of your sexual partners in the past, although you aren't apt to fret about the possibility. After all, you know when to be daring and when not to be. You know who can appreciate your ability to go to extremes, and who would prefer that you save the adventure for something else — say a mountaineering expedition. Day to day, you maintain a very healthy balance of both daring and modesty. And as long as you continue to remember that sex is all about mutual gratification and satisfaction, you're on the right track.

Your Openness to be Daring During Sex
Sure, you love sex. You just happen to love more traditional sex. It isn't that...
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Your Verbal/Non-verbal Balance
When you've got something to communicate during sex, you're more likely to use verbal methods than other ways to communicate something, at least when compared with other people. It is slightly more natural (or else habitual) for you to talk through the act than it is to show how you are feeling through gestures and other, subtler means. Fortunately for both you and your sexual partners, you are also strong in the area of non-verbal communication, which makes you very flexible, and very adept at understanding others.

If you end up with someone who strongly prefers...
Ö - PTDV - 11
Your Libido
You really enjoy sex, but you don't contemplate it as much as do some people. When an opportunity presents itself, you're happy enough, but you aren't on a constant search for the next, great sexual experience. Most people experience peaks and valleys in their sex drive. Chances are that we have caught you at an unusual period in your life that isn't especially hot, heavy, or sex-filled. (For many people, the less sex they have...
Increasing Your Sexual Enjoyment
You are very well balanced when it comes to the physical and emotional aspects of sex. That doesn't mean you can't improve on an already healthy approach. Oftentimes, the way to optimize sexual pleasure is to clue into your sexual fantasies. Explore them to learn more about yourself, and try generating new ones; they may help you to discover a lot about what you like, or what you feel you're lacking.

You don't have to act out your sexual fantasies in order to meet the sexual needs that are behind them. You just need to recognize...

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