I promise, there will be an update soon! I just have one more presentation to hand in, then most of my stuff is solo work... well, minus the group dynamics paper, but that shouldn't be *too* difficult, I hope.

Getting together with the pizza guy tomorrow night... we had a nice, honest conversation on Monday -- I finally admitted to some things that I should've a long time ago... no, nothing insiduous, just to do with our sex life, and I'll go into more detail a bit later.

Same deal with the coworker... told him the reason I didn't want to do anything other than sleep at the Christmas party was because I felt weird about it with the ex- being in town. I though the coworker would get annoyed/upset with that reason, thinking I was just making an excuse or wouldn't understand why.

Anyhow, those are just a few random ones I wanted to write before I forgot. I'll write more about the guy at work later today, and just some other general ramblings. :)

And yes, please feel free to fill up my comments sections -- it gives me something to read on my site, which is fun. :)

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