I went to get some new jewelry for my most recent piercing yesterday. Turns out that 12-gauge wire is an American wire, and isn't easily obtained here -- the cost to make jewelry out of it would be rather prohibitive. So, the place I go to (Classic II, love them!), is having it ordered from a place out in Vancouver... which, consequently doesn't have it in stock either, so they are custom-making me two D-rings and sending them over. I cause trouble all across the country! :)

Ian, the piercer, said that since the main part of a D-ring is flat, it should even out the crookedness of the piercing (which currently sits at an angle), and that that tissue can be adjusted for quite some time. He also said that his anaesthetic is totally effective on cartiledge, so I figure eventually I'll get the one in my upper ear, which I think looks just so cool and pretty.

The coworker drove me home last night, 'cause he finished up work really early, so instead of bussing home (as I needed to get home to work on a paper), I waited. I felt all unsettled and jittery when I got home, so I wandered over to the pizza place and hung out with pizza guy. I told him about my 'great revelation,' which he kinda made fun of me for, but with cause... it was a revelation that I should have come to a long time ago, and it just kinda went to show me how bad my body image actually is, which sucks. I'll write about it more when I flesh it out later, which I've been trying to do for a bit. I have a book now that I carry around to try to write blogs in, or essays... I have about four different journals that I write in now. :P :)

Anyhow, gotta get running... gotta have a shower and I want to get over to the pizza place for longer than two minutes 'cause I have a question to pose to him... namely, how did he describe our relationship, if not boyfriend/girlfriend? That was a question he put to me awhile back and I had no acceptable answer. Since he was the one that originally said not bf/gf, I'm curious what label he would slap on it. Also need to spend some time with Digger, who needs a good brushing and is apparently seeming neglected.

Maybe if I start posting nudie pics or pics of my piercings, I can get the same kind of hits that Di gets. ;)

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