Jen, you get equally turned on by physical appearance and environment

People who are equally turned on by a person's physical appearance and environmental factors will often find someone more, or less, attractive depending on the situation or environment.

When you get turned on, it's purely physiological — you simply can't help it. It's involuntary and seems to happen out of nowhere, but rest assured, it's definitely not random. There are reasons you react the way you do around certain people and this report will help you understand the who, what and why behind that.

Relative to other people, your test scores indicate that you're turned on primarily by a man's personality. This doesn't mean his looks or other attributes aren't important — they most definitely are. But chances are that unless he has a rich inner life, you won't feel that initial spark of desire.

This is because what you want most of all is a deep psychological connection.

Being personality-driven has a certain vulnerability attached to it since it forces you to share a part of yourself as well. It also implies that you value meaningful connections requiring some emotional investment — you simply aren't satisfied with light and surface relationships.

This attraction has some major advantages. Being turned on by traits you value and want in a person will not only reel you in for the short term, but it can set you up for the long term. You appreciate those characteristics that actually improve as time goes on....

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Your emotional investment can be measured by two factors, intensity and variety.

Intensity measures how much you let someone who turns you on get to you. How deep are your feelings towards people? Do you get swept away thinking about the object of your desire? The extreme end of this spectrum is obsession — people who actually lose sight of anything but the person they've fixated on. But for the most part, by "intensity," we're simply referring to how emotionally invested you tend to get with each and every crush.

Variety measures how many people — and how many types of people — you allow get to you. Do you find yourself attracted to people left and right? Are all kinds of people turning your head or are you more selective? Do you see your romantic potentials swimming in a huge sea or a small pond?

Based on what you told Emode in your test, here's how you scored:

You are surprisingly balanced in these two areas. In other words, you go as deep as you go wide — the energy you put into attractions sits right in the middle of the two extremes. This is a good combo since you aren't invested enough to be a total obsessive and you're selective enough that you're not attracted to everything walking by. Even with a fortunate situation like this, however, you're not a superhero who's immune to lust. Don't be surprised if the balance tips every now and again! ...

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You're not alone in the world. Take a look at how other test takers answered questions about what turns them on — hopefully, they'll give you a sense that other people get turned on by similar things you do.

I can't enjoy sex with someone who isn't my intellectual equal.

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