My sister. Big surprise.

Sometimes I just want to rant and rail at her and ask her when she's going to get off her big fucking lazy ass and do something that isn't completely self-serving.

For example:

I have seen her empty the roll of toilet paper, or damn near, and go walk in and place another roll on the back of the toilet instead of actually changing it. I would have figured at the advanced fucking age of 19 that she'd understand the physics of the damn toilet paper roll holder, it being a simple spring and all that I figured out around the time I was oh, five or six.

Oh wait, I forgot her science marks are poo. Sorry.

Hmm... what else? Well, that annoying little 'dot' that sometimes women leave behind on the toilet seat... common courtesy to wipe it up, no? Oh wait, not common around my sister's area!

Next? Filling up the fucking cat food container when she's the last damn person to feed them. And when she feeds them, how about giving the poor dears a little water?!

Fer chrissakes. I didn't realize that a pair of intelligent adult units who churned out one intelligent child (me, if I can be honest and vain for a few seconds) could crank out one blazingly selfish stupid moron.

Okay, so I'm hyperbolistic for a bit, but indulge me. I haven't ranted or written for awhile, so I have some creative wordplay stored up. And I haven't even begun to rant about men yet. :P

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