No time for posting, gotta get ready for class, but Shawn from unCultured.com told me that a friend of his from another site is a fan of my postings from unCultured. Very flattering. :)

A quote: "Good stuff man...things look good there now...and that Jen girl is fucking awesome, I just read one of her rants."

*grin* I think the rant that he read was probably the one from March where I was complaining about people judging my sexuality. I cross posted it to here and there, 'cause here is my personal ranting space, and there it fit their 'Things You Don't Know About Me' category. :)

I'm glad that I have a public place to do some writing, voyeuristic and faddish as it may be... I've gotten a few compliments on my writing since I've started doing this, and that's always great. Maybe one day I really will get around to writing a story or something worthwhile. :)

Anyhow, off to fix a broken link of which I was informed, and then shower, wake up, and go to school (yes, in that order). One week and a half left... something like that. Tbe 15th is the last day. Happy dance!

Oh yeah, talked to H yesterday... got me in a weird mood afterwards. I'll talk about that later.

*laugh* Yeah, right. I still have that list of things I have to write about based on the trip to Gracie's a few weeks back. Maybe that's what I'll do in class today.

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