Okay, I lied. As you can see, no update. However, I think I'm coming to some conclusions on the whole boy situation (and the friend thing), so we'll see what happens after I talk to the coworker. He'll probably be stupid, but I'm starting to think all boys are stupid.

Okay, okay, I'm kidding. Relax. :) I like boys. Sometimes I'm stupid too. There we go, ass is covered.

Frig, I feel so fat. *sigh* Argh, argh. Get through exams (do some actual freakin' work on the damn things, and then I'll be all set.

I'd like to do something so that my site became more appealing to people. I might play around with the coding, maybe even see about getting my own domain and hosting it myself. That'd be cool, 'cause then I could incorporate pictures and things like that. Pipe dreams, though; I don't have the time to do such a thing. :)

Anyhow... gonna likely have some time to post tomorrow, so I'll type up what I wrote out and with any luck get one of my exams finished -- the one due on Monday. Maybe my ass group members will get their act in gear and do some bloody work! I don't mean that for all the group projects I'm currently in (all what, three million of them?), but at least one of them. :P

Just got a message saying I got a new guestbook signing, so I'm off to read that and hit the sack. If anyone has an ideas for making my site more visible, feel free to email me or leave me a message on my guestbook and make sure I can contact you in return. :)

Btw, I started and finished reading this cool book today... it's called Dead After Dark, and it's a vampire murder mystery love story kind of thing. Pretty absorbing; I'd love to know if the author is going to write a follow up to it, although likely not. It may not lend itself to one very easily. Oddly enough, can't find it on Chapters.ca... I say oddly enough 'cause I bought it at a Chapter store, so I'm a tad surprised. No matter, good book. :)

Anyhow, night night for now. Updates tomorrow. :)

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