Okay, the work happenings. So there are two guys here that are kinda cute, neither of whom work in radio, like me -- this is good. :) One is T, the other is C. Have had some conversations with T, he doesn't work here that much, he's a quiet one, but pretty smart. When I'm around and he's around, he'll touch me on the back or whatever when he passes me -- he's poked me in the side or something a few times as well. He went over to Rideau Centre one time and asked me to go with him, so that was kinda nice.

He showed up at work on Sunday, which I always work. He works at a local men's shelter, and he came by 'cause he said he didn't want to use the washrooms there. Understandable. :) I was working, hanging around downstairs a bunch 'cause I was bored and the guys downstairs were being entertaining. He came back later, as I was leaving; I don't know if that had anything to do with my presence or not, but hey, it's fun to dream.

The other guy, C... well, on Sunday I was wearing my kitten shirt, and no bra. I just didn't feel like it, and since my breasts are small- to average-sized, I go braless sometimes just for a change. So anyhow, with C... he'll usually say hi to me when I'm around, pat me on the back or something like that. Sunday night, he came out and put an arm around me, then gave me a hug (not a first, I don't think), and was patting my back a bit... then discovers I'm not wearing a bra. He says something like "heyy..." and starts to drag me off to this little hallway area, behind a door. I was laughing, thought it was kinda funny, but I had to get upstairs 'cause I thought I had like, 40 seconds left in my segment. After he released me and I took off upstairs, he was saying something about wanting to see me run or whatever, no big deal.

Then, I tell one of the security guards or someone that I wanted to give him a hug; I figured I'd grab his butt 'cause somehow I thought it would embarrass him. Right. He comes out later and says something like, "Oh, you just want to rub those big, beautiful breasts against me", and gives me a hug and starts kinda moving up and down a bit and rubbing himself against me. I was somewhat surprised by this, and I could tell he was rather enjoying himself... to put it very politely. At one point, he's got his arms around me, and he looks down at my breasts and says something about how they truly are fantastic and whatnot, and I think he said something about how he really liked them -- I thought perhaps he was referring to my nipples being hard, which I figured they would be since I was being rubbed -- and I said something about how I liked his too, referring to his hardon. I figured hey, I'd acknowledge it and see how he reacted. He made some comment about it and adjusted himself a few times.

Let's see... at one point, I kinda lifted one leg up, and he lifted me around his waist, but I slid back down immediately, and managed to ...umm... hook? ... his cap'n happy (hooray for euphemisms). I figured that had to be uncomfortable.

Oh yeah, and at some other point, he was lifting up his shirt somewhat and talking about feeling my breasts skin-to-skin, like against his chest, but I wouldn't. I just gave him a regular hug. Another point when he was hugging me he kept pulling my shirt taught in back, and I don't really know why, what that proved, but ah well.

He said the next day that he wouldn't give me a hug that day 'cause he was wearing pants that were too baggy, and how that wouldn't be good. Then on Tuesday I saw him wearing cords, and asked if I was going to get a hug that day... he said no, 'cause cords were still too baggy. I was at the front desk at one point, and he came and stood behind me and put his arms on other side of me, caging me in, and said that he couldn't hug me when he was wearing cords 'cause walking back into the work area with a hardon would be a bad idea, or something to that effect. One of the ladies at the desk, H, gave me kind of a weird look when he was standing behind me, and I don't know if it was because of her hearing what he said, or just him being around me like that.

Oh yeah, also Sunday night I was making some joking comments about how if I could have that kind of an effect when I was just hugging him, imagine what else I could do, and he just kinda shrugged and made some noise as if to say, "yeah, imagine."

Weird times. The situation itself doesn't bother me, and I have always thought he was cute, but it does bother me that the only time he'd 'notice' me would be after he realized that I had nice breasts. I'd rather, as I have said before, be noticed because I'm smart, attractive, interesting, whatever... not just 'cause of one body part. Ah well. It was entertaining and somewhat flattering, I guess.

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