There we go, fiddled a bit with the links and cleaned some stuff up. Didn't realize I had two archives links there, and it took me about ten or fifteen minutes of playing to fix *that* up, which was pretty stupid.

Two days of classes left, since my class on the 15th was cancelled. Good news, kinda. The week worsens, as my tally shows. *sigh* At least my media industries group seems like it *might* be coming around. We'll see tomorrow; I kinda don't care anymore.

I envy Sami; she's got her own condo! Damn. In Toronto, too, which is pretty sweet all around. She's going to the same uni as the ex- next year, so maybe she can go kick some sense into him (and then me). :)

Feeling kinda crummy today. :( Some hungry, some nausea... all signs point to a pretty awful period on the horizon. Hooray (and the crowd goes wild... yay!).

I had something quick to write about here, but now I've totally forgotten what it was. Looking into belly dance lessons for the summer. :) Or kickboxing, maybe both. Get some fun, get some exercise.

Oh no... Shadow's settled on my lap. No leaving, even though I'm running behind... getting cuddled.

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