Today is going to be a good and beautiful and lazy day. I'm redyeing my hair right now, so we'll go back to the dark for a bit... again not permanent. I'm not sure if I got the same colour as last time or not, so we'll see how it works out.

Today is going to be a naked day, with a nice facial, go hang out outside with the cats and a good book and just relax. Maybe I'll get around to work on a paper or cleaning my room (before it buries me, which is a distinct possibility), but for now I'm just going to enjoy having slept in nice and late and just relax for a bit. :)

Eesh. First paper is due the 22nd, that means I can't relax *all* weekend... guess that's what Saturday and Sunday night are going to be devoted to. :)

Ah well... relax! :)

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