Argh. Why do I find Trading Spaces so addictive? I watched the final tape of Sex and the City (final five episodes), and I want to watch season four now, and get caught up, especially since I've seen a bunch of episodes from season four, it seems, just not in order. Now I've watched seasons one through three in order, and I need to get it straight. :)

The people on Trading Spaces always have such huge rooms to work with. I'd love to see them try to do something in my room... especially my crates of books. Tee hee. :)

Mom came in my room this morning to tell me all the errands she wanted me to do, and Shadow came in and burrowed under the covers. It was pretty funny. Later this evening, Mom went to shoo Shadow off the couch, since she wasn't supposed to be up there, and in direct defiance of Mom's claims that Shadow listens to her (which she's said on other occasions, though not this one), Shadow mrowed at her and turned around to settle down. I found it really amusing. You kinda had to be there, but it was funny. :)

Anyhow, doctor's appointment in the morning (tomorrow's errand), as well as dropping off the jacket to be repaired, whih I never did today, and maybe clean the room before heading off to yoga. I'm biking tomorrow, that's for sure... so long as the weather cooperates, that is.

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