Last night I was sitting outside, reading my book and watching the cats play. Shadow was on her leash and Digger was sitting on it. Then she wrapped the leash around him, so I had to remove it from his neck. Then they fought, and Digger ran out of Shadow's range. It was a fun display to watch, especially as they were both taking turns starting and stopping the fight. For those who haven't met them, Shadow is a calico with a fair amount of white to her. Digger is an orange and white tabby, long haired. As I was sitting out there, my sister came out for a bit and was watching them too. Shadow kinda hunkered down to hide in the grass, and we laughed a bit, 'cause it's pretty funny for a fairly white cat to try to blend into the grass. Then my sister made the comment, "Well, at least we don't have a cat that blends into the cedars anymore."

I wanted to tell her to go inside and not talk to me. I wanted to tell her how stupid and insensitive of a comment that was. I wanted to tell her that she was supposed to be inside, watching dinner. I wanted to tell her so many things, but I just kept to myself and didn't talk to her after that point. She stayed outside for awhile longer, saying other things, but I didn't respond to them because I was in my own little world, going back over ground I've covered so many times before: how unfair it is that Chloe is gone, how she was such a sweet and precious cat to me, how much I miss her, and how much I thought her and Digger would be growing up together, brother and sister.

I ate my dinner, watched tv and snuggled with Shadow and read my book. She went to her music rehearsal, and then came home and got on the phone (big surprise, that having been her pattern lately... so, I assume she has a boyfriend or something that she's not telling us about). After awhile, I heard her off of it, as I was in my room on the computer at that point, so I called up a friend and asked him if he wanted to go to the local pub with me. I wanted to get out of the house and just sit in a bar, not even necessarily drink, and I knew that if I went alone, I'd likely be given a hard time about it. We didn't wind up going, but we did talk on the phone for a few hours and it was good. I felt better afterwards. It wasn't so much that I was still upset with my sister, although maybe somewhat... I just ... bah.

Chatting with a few of the security guards from work Sunday night, as I was leaving, and they made the comment that their friend, with whom I thought I'd hit it off awhile ago, was getting a bit desperate for female companionship. So, as is frequently my case, even the desperate guy isn't interested in me. That's why it's such a novelty for me when someone does hit on me, and I'm always careful to try to determine if they want me for me or if I'm simply a convenient pair of boobs (and not very large ones at that). :)

There's a club opening up tonight, and I have an invite to it that I received through work. I'm debating inviting various people to accompany me to the opening, but I'm not sure who, and what with it being extremely last minute, I'm sure I'll have a hard time finding someone. We'll have to see what happens... in which case, I'll update here. :)

For now, I'm off to get ready for the day. I woke up a bit early today, and I'm trying to capitalize on it.

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