First day of actually working with the coworker today. He took Monday off, I'm off Tuesdays, so here we are. Kinda cold towards me, I tried chatting with him and he wasn't very responsive, so I just focused on my work. I got an ICQ request today from him asking me to refrain from wearing my perfume to work (a road we've been down before). I wonder, do I acquiese to his demands, or do I be a bitch and ignore them? *sigh* I usually use two sprays, and last time I just cut down to one and he didn't seem to notice; perhaps we'll go that route again.

Let's see... the ex- gets into town tomorrow. Poor J, all this stuff he has to deal with right off the bat; the coworker, my UTI, his cold (which I'm pretty sure I'm getting), and now the ex-... basically, unless one of our homes burns down or we die or something ridiculous, it should be smooth sailing. :) (*knocks wood*)

Mind you, looks like I won't be seeing the ex- tomorrow; I'm working until 11, then possibly getting together with a crew at a bar near my old high school. Afterwards, I'll likely be crashing with J and then heading off to work from there on Friday. Gotta remember to pack change of clothes and whatnot. (*note to self*)

He came to my class today, which was fun. We wrote notes to one another and actually paid pretty good attention. He'd mixed cold meds though, so he was feeling pretty wonky/woozy for awhile, and I felt bad about that. After class, we did appearances at a couple of BBQs that various friends were holding, and that wasn't bad. Nothing special, but it was okay.

Got together with D last night, and told her all the dirty details, which she totally appreciated... that was awesome. Even before she met him, she was saying how happy she was for me and how great he sounded. Then I introduced him to her, and she was saying how hot she found him, how if she'd passed him on the street she'd take a second look, and how awesome he was and how clean (based on the car, before she met him). He was pretty relaxed around us, and we were making dirty jokes and stuff... it was fun. :)

I keep meaning to dig out the pics from the Christmas party, when I last met him. I think I'll do that now, see how different he looked then. ;)

Otherwise, just general joking around with Jay and J about this wedding that's coming up. Originally Jay invited me, now I'm going with J, but only because Jay dumped me like the heartless bastard he is! ;)

Anyhow, off to bed for me. Just wanted to jot down some general thoughts. Any votes on the perfume issue? Please weigh in -- I need the advice. :)

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