It's been an interesting week. I've not really had the time or inclination to post much, so I haven't, as I'm sure you've noticed. Sorry 'bout that, but here's a few tidbits that have run through my head.

Let's see... well, I got hit on by a lesbian the other day, that was kinda fun. Long story short, we were both waiting for the bus, and she was making general comments to someone else, and then I was kinda smiling at what she was saying (since it was obvious I was within earshot), and then we wound up chatting and decided to hike to the next bus stop, more or less to kill time. We chatted the whole length, compared life stories a bit, and it was fun. She told me that I was too cute to be straight, and that if I ever did decide to give up men (as I've threatened many times over the years), then I should give her a call. She didn't give me her number, so it's nothing that's actually going to happen (for those that are concerned or hopeful), but it was a nice way to spend the time.

That was Thursday after work. Went to Ultimate, but got there late (since the bus was so late and all). Chatted a bit with some people, never actually played, never actually showed up at the bar where everyone gathered afterwards (well, we did, but too late), and was just dead-tired at the end of the evening, so I went home and slept more or less the sleep of the dead. The cats used me as a jungle gym in the wee hours of the morning, and got all excited when I got up for a bathroom break around 5:30. Poor Shadow fell off the bed twice, and I thought that was kinda funny, but I tried not to laugh at her, just made sure she was okay. The expression on her face was pretty priceless, though. :)

I finished Watership Down today. Very good book, I liked the ending. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I'll just say it was a very satisfying ending. I was very pleased. Other people may not be, but I was. Now I have to move on to the Hobbit, which I didn't like last time I read it, so I'm not looking forward to that. Instead, I'm reading ahead and polishing off Harry Potter, book one, again. I've seen the movie three times, but only read the book once, and I forgot about a lot of the stuff that was in it and not the movie and vice versa. I need the reminders. :)

At work today, I was having a serious/flirtatious comment with J, and the coworker was reading it over my shoulder. He then confronted me, and we basically didn't discuss it. So now everything is out in the open, which is kinda nice, but I would have rathered it happen in circumstances of my choosing; like my sitting him down and saying, "I've met someone else and we've really hit it off." Basically, things have happened so quickly with J, and I'm not complaining; we've spent most of the last week's waking hours together, and it's been awesome. I just wanted to tell the coworker my way, not have him read it over my shoulder.

In person, he defended himself by saying that it was the only way he could find anything out about me, since I don't tell him anything. In the email, he said that he was sorry for doing it, but that I should be relieved, and that I should know that it's his studio and everything there is open policy. Fuck that bullshit. I don't believe that for an instant. I consider ICQ conversations to be private, between myself and the person with whom I am conversing. It's not as if I was talking on the phone, where he could have overheard. In order to read what I was writing, he had to make an effort, albeit perhaps a slight one, but an effort nonetheless. It's private, and he was an ass.

I'm pretty sick and tired of people feeling that they have the right to pry into my personal communication, diaries, or whatever in order to learn about me. The Ex- (the evil one) read my diary, hacked my FreeNet account to read my email and generally snooped all over. Now the coworker is saying he has the right to read my ICQ conversations so he can learn about me. Fuck. How about fucking asking me what it is you want to know?! I made no bones about the fact that I was spending time with J, and I was going to tell the coworker about us hitting it off. He just didn't give me the chance. *grr*

Ironically enough, after I dealt with that, later that night I got a spam message in my Hotmail account with the subject header "Someone is watching you." No shit.

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