So, I'm not sure if the coworker really does want to be a friend or not. I'm trying; saying hi when I see him online, chatting with him and whatnot. He asked if I had a good night last night, then said, never mind, don't want to know. I sent: 'Not really. Went to the campus clinic, did some shopping, ran to the washroom every two minutes.' He doesn't even ask if I'm feeling okay now, or what was wrong, or what. Thanks a bunch.

For anyone out there that might be wondering, I spent a not so fun evening (and a few nearly miserable hours) running to the washroom every two minutes because I have a UTI. My fourth. Yay! *grumble* I got to it a bit early, but it still had time to get to the pain and bleeding stage, so that was fun. Not as bad as when I was in TO with the ex- and got the UTI (that was two years ago, I think), but still bad enough to make my evening not-so-fun. :P As long as I was occupied with something though, that seemed to help. I seem to be about 75% back to normal; still some discomfort and pain, but not as bad, and I don't have to go every two minutes. I poured two bottles of cranberry juice down my throat yesterday in the space of about an hour, and that's probably helped. I should probably go and get some more, actually.

Crashed at J's place last night; the ride from the mall to his place (about 15 minutes) was bad enough; I knew there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to make it back to my place by car (about 25 minutes) or bus (about an hour if I make good connections) without simply dying, so I called my parents and said, "This is how it's gonna be." :) I don't know how well my mom believed me, but I have the doctor's note (since I missed a class) and the medications (got those made up as soon as was humanely possible) to back up my story. :)

Poor J. He's having to deal with all these terrible problems right off the bat; the regular feminine stuff, then this... poor guy. He's been great, though. :)

Been taking it easy today, trying to baby myself. I woke up when he left, and couldn't get back to sleep (had to go to the bathroom! :)), so I played some Warcraft III and did my morning Internet routine (which is more or less listed under 'favourite comics' and 'favourite blogs' here on the site). My paladin got killed and I was bored, so I went in and watched bad tv on the couch (Judge Mills Lane -- how much worse can it get? :)), fell asleep. Woke up, turned off the tv (which was no longer broadcasting on that channel anyways), so I went back to sleep for awhile and got up around 11:30. I feel better. :)

J picked up this book for a friend's birthday that I was looking through last night. It's got all these cute pictures of animals, so I was oohing and aahing every few minutes. He was laughing at me. :)

Getting together with D today, so she's going to hear all about this guy and I know she's going to be thrilled for me. We went shopping together yesterday, and he spent way too much money on me, and it was awesome. She's going to be flipping. :)

I have all kinds of gory details to post, but in respect for his friends and mine that read this, I'm keeping them off, which is a shame. Some day soon I'll likely post them, but I think I have to run them past D first. ;) In the meantime, gotta finish getting dressed and think about lunch. I'm off. :)

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