Sorry there hasn't been any new content here for awhile. I was unable to publish, and I thought it was Blogger's fault. Turns out it was, but I think I have it fixed.

Weird how in tune J and I are already. We're an old married couple. :) Sometimes he teases me too much, but he says that's because he teases people he really likes, and I should know that he really likes me. I just threaten him with stupid things, and it balances out. He knows I rule. ;)

Had our first weird patch last night. Bit of a change for me; he asked what was wrong (I was impressed he'd picked up on those cues, some people either ignore them or don't pick up on them), and I actually told him. I was debating doing the whole 'nothing' and seeing where it would go, but I didn't. I think I'm growing up. ;)

Hung out with the ex- for a bit the other day. He didn't contact me until he'd been in town a day or two, and then we made plans to get together a few days later. That part of our relationship changed right away; it used to be different. He'd want to spend as much time as he could with me, and he'd say that he came down early and stayed late to see me. When he was down, he'd want to spend all the time he could with me, because he'd say he wasn't very close to the other people around here and all that. Anyhow, that was different this time.

So, I went over to his place the other night, and we hung out and chatted. We talked mostly about his life in school; the stress of living with his friend, the girls he wants in spite of his girlfriend, things like that, and the weird part of it all for me was that it didn't bother me. I was able to call the girlfriend by name, and talk about his situation without feeling that nausea in the pit of my stomach/pounding heart feeling that I used to get. I was kinda laughing to myself when he was talking about not wanting to tell this one girl about him having a girlfriend because I've been there, so I understand, and it's not my problem anymore. He didn't seem to want to hear much about J, and I don't know if that was out of jealousy on his part, or selfishness or what... I don't know if it's he's always been that way and I didn't notice or just this time around, 'cause he was focused on avoiding the problems at school (one reason for him coming home) and he wanted to just vent about them (which is what he said at one point)... it was all good. My Achilles heel, in that regard, has been healed, it would appear.

I did get hit pretty badly with J's cold. Yuckage. I'm more or less healed from that, now, too... just got a bit of a cough and a blocked ear as a fond reminder of it all... thanks. :P :)

Hit a bachelorette party on Saturday, the wedding for which is coming up in a few weeks (I need a dress now). Had fun, although I felt like crap 'cause of the cold. An awful lot of people are willing to be spanked in public by a stranger and pay for the privilege... that was an interesting note. The bride was able to cover her meal, her drinks and then some out of the money she made. We actually weren't drinking much, mainly because we were wandering a lot and not a lot of the group there are big drinkers, I think. I know I wasn't because I was sick and didn't feel like it.

Went to the casino for the first time last night with J and his mom. I fared pretty well; I paid $13 out of my own pocket, and came out with $36.50, and that was after I had a bit of a losing streak. J spent about $55, and then lost it all... he had a twoonie left over, so we went and fed it into a $2 machine. We managed to turn it into $48. He took $40 to cash them into twenties, and I tried to turn the $8 into $10 or $20. I was up a few times, but in the end lost it all. Same thing with my remaining twoonie -- no wins. Ah well... in all, it was a fun (and properous) evening. :)

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