And another dream about Chloe. This time she looked different, and someone in my family brought her to me.

I had to swing by my old workplace (animal hospital) the other day to pick up some treats for the brats. I had Chloe's file inactivated then. That was rough.

Went and saw XXX today with J and a few other people. It was fun, us girls talked tattoos and piercings afterwards. I was really tempted to confess the work I've had done, but I figure I'll wait. Even though I have told some complete strangers, I'm starting to hold back a bit now, be more choosy and showing my cards, so to speak. :)

Hmm... nothing much else I feel like saying. It's been a lazy day, good in some ways, bad in others. Got to baby J last night when he was half- (okay, mostly) asleep. Did some tidying up, looked after the fish and the dog, made the bed up with the cleaned comforter, then got him settled in and his stuff put away. Today I folded some of his laundry (the shirts that had to be ironed were his responsibility), and did the dinner dishes (since he cooked). I figure I'll try to get all this nice stuff out of the way so that later I can be myself. ;)

Also played a bunch of Warcraft III today, and actually made it into the undead campaign by a few chapters. Yay, me!

Okay, so nothing much is exciting. I'm starting to really want to get my second tattoo done though, so who knows... Gotta get it done before my sister does, although I think she might be too wimpy. I hope so. :)

It's always kinda funny for me to be going through a horny period when I'm not getting as much sex as I might like. I'm used to turning it down since my sex drive is usually pretty low, not having to be chasing it. ;) However, better to be getting occasional awesome sex then all kinds of sub-par or even crummy sex, no? ;)

Ah well, time to go look at pictures of tattoos and piercings. Later.

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