And some content...

I'll post details on my weekend of birthday celebrations later, but just now I wanted to write about a dream I had the other night... when I was recovering from my drunken stupor. :)

My friends and I were trying to escape from some people who were chasing us, and I don't know why they would. Somehow we ended up in a car (there were five of us including J and myself, one guy friend and his girlfriend, and someone else who I know can't remember). Somehow, we decided to have an orgy, and we were all pleasing my friend's girlfriend, and I was going down on her while the others kissed her and played with her breasts, and that's when the baddies caught up to us. It was a weird dream, and it was funny how there was somehow room for five of us in a small car.

I'll leave it at that for now, I think I woke up right around that time. Now I'm going to bed. One day left until we depart for the east coast, and I'll write a bunch tomorrow.

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