Monday night I cried when I watched the news. It was the story about the tapes that they found from the Al-Qaida. They were using dogs to test out biochemical weapons -- poisonous gases -- and they showed on the news a few short clips from one of the tapes. It showed a dog tied up in a room, then some gas filtering in and the dog pulling towards it on his rope to check it out, then a scene later of a dog with its back to the camera, its legs somewhat bowed and obviously suffering. Sometimes, I seriously hate people.

I had a long dream last night in which I was getting married on Friday. Now, in real life it's my birthday on Friday, so in my dream I substituted one for the other. I kept running into people I knew from high school or elementary school and telling them about it, all excited and such. But also really nervous, like I felt that I wasn't ready for it to happen. I think it was due in part to having watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night, which I really enjoyed. It was a very fun movie, and had some good laughs in it.

"Give me any word, and I can show you how its root is Greek."

Anyhow, I think I'm off to play some more WarCraft. I really don't feel like going to work today, but I must. *sigh*

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