And for the record... I'm not pissed off or angry at J. I think what he's doing is really honourable and I respect it. I just whine for me, and my lost opportunities. I'm not of the "He sucks for passing me up!" opinion, although maybe... ;) *shrug* Like I've said, Di and I and all my other girlfriends are awesome... some day we'll find someone for us, someone who fits all that stuff down there.

I believe in "the right one." I believe that while yes, there are tonnes of great people for you out there, there's one that's really the right one for you. The One. You can have a happy life with someone who's great and all, but you can have a really great marriage and life with someone who is The One. Or at least, I don't think you should have to keep looking once you've found someone who is a great one. Okay, so I'm totally contradicting myself. I lie or don't know my own head.

I'm not a crazy psycho stalker. I promise. I'm not calling J's place twenty million times a day... in fact, I've not spoken to him much since all this went down -- not all my fault, either. I don't see him online much, and I don't call him because I figure he's out with his friends. *shrug* Although today's his ex's kid's birthday, so he's likely out for that. Poor little guy; sharing a birthday with the American's big sobfest (I do have sympathy for the people who died in the attacks, but I also have a whole rant about how the Americans are turning this into a "how dare the little doggy that I've been kicking turn and bite me? Bad doggie!" kind of thing. Argh!). At least I know he'll like the toy J got him.

Anyhow, I'm going to take a pill for my back and do some reading until I pass out. Tomorrow's another day, it's a day off, and it's one that will hopefully be warmer and better.

Can I fast forward a few months, or even get a peek to see how things will be then? It'd help a lot.

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