New thing... The Fantasy Place. Interesting premise I think, see where it goes.

Anyhow, saving the real content and wrap up for later. As it stands now, tomorrow Mom and I return to her parent's place, then day after that I'm back home again. Looking forward to it; I've been missing the stuff at home, and kinda especially J. I miss the chatting and the seeing and the kissing and cuddling. I'm a suck. :)

I'd also like to squeeze the kitties. I think they're going to enjoy seeing us back again, even if we do happen in waves. Mom and Dad were talking about whether or not Digger's going to notice the sis is gone. Frankly, I don't think he'll really care too much, since I don't think she paid him that much attention (I can't think of the last time she brushed him, for example). I've transferred a fair bit of my feelings for Chloe onto Digger, I think. So he's kinda my baby now (although he and I always got along really well before that).

Anyhow, back out to annoy the relatives for a bit. Last lazy day before I return to annoy everyone back home. ;)

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