Today was, overall, a good day. Did some reading at home, had a 2-hour nap when the reading just got too boring to go on, then drove in for class. Had a couple WTF are you doing? moments on the drive to work (where I parked), but otherwise it was good.

Class was fun, hard on the hand though; the prof goes quickly and we have a lot of notes to write. But since it's interesting material, it balances out. And I'm a fast writer, so I don't mind.

Got together with Di after class, and met a few new people from her crew. We chatted for awhile, then when they went to the bar, I went to work. I had to setup a minidisc for tomorrow, since I don't think the coworker will remember or be in on time for it, so since I was in the area... no big deal. Pizza guy was walking by my work right at that moment, so I stood and chatted with him and his friend for a bit. We both said we had soap opera lives, he said H could likely fill me in on his... I was nice to her and didn't say she already had. He said he got my postcard (now everyone has said they got them, and I've gotten thank yous from everyone that received them), and that he was thinking of calling me. We made vague plans to 'do something soon,' and then I went in. Did my errand, then chatted with K, one of the other producers (who's been there for about 5 years or something), and then, since it was nearly time for him to be off, I hung around the extra five-ten minutes and drove him home. I really enjoy talking to him; he really makes me laugh a lot, and he's really quite cool. We've chatted a lot since I've been there, and I like him.

The fishies are hovering around the feeding hole... just a second while I make sure they don't starve to death and die on me while I blithely type away. :)

Crap. Dr. Seuss is seriously depressed; I really gotta move him someplace. Maybe on my dresser, or maybe just in the basement, like Mom said I could. I'd feel better if he was in the kitchen, though. Damn.

Di and I had a nice sexual chat while we were waiting for her friends to show up. I realized earlier today that I'm really, truly and honestly open about things; I mean, people think I'm open here, and maybe that the anonymity of it has something to do with it, but honestly? Not really. I mean, I do censor myself a bit at times, in an attempt to focus more on my life and not be exposing parts of someone else's life that they may not want me to, but for the most part, this is how I am in real life, or maybe slightly less... i.e., I'm just a tad more open in person, if such a thing is possible. I still try to censor myself in person, too -- it's not often that I'll tell someone with whom I'm speaking, "So, so-and-so was built like..." or "yeah, so-and-so could never get me off." But when it comes to details about me? Sure, I'll spill. "I came screaming." That's a favourite one. ;) (Oh hell, it's just a favourite part of life!) Something like that, sure, generally needs names, or they're assumed, based on whomever I'm dating at the time. But those are positive details. I think those ones are good ones to share. "I was going down on him, and he was just off in space, even after he came." Shit like that? That's awesome, man. ;) Even the being there/doing it part. I love bringing pleasure to my partner, especially if they're either vocal, or zonked by it, or really appreciative after the fact... or during. :)

"I had one like that too, but with wheels." -- Funny quote from K. :)

I gotta be careful -- real names are slipping through my fingers, I've almost posted them twice!

Hmm... what else? Coworker is weird. Here's the actual quote: "Sorry to hear about you and J. Now that we're back where we both started, if you want to try to build a normal friendship, I'm willing to try." I mentioned it to one of the girls at work with whom I chat (who knows somewhat about the situation), and she started laughing a bit, she figures the next one that's going to come is going to be something about "loneliness is a good starting point for a friendship" or something along those lines. Does this sound like a "let's get back together, I still love you" situation? Hmm.

Anyhow, such is life as I know it for this edition. Tune in next week... sorry, channeling television there for a minute. Time to hit the sack (or at least somewhere near it), but since I'm chatting with Jay, likely won't be for a bit yet. :) I'll let you know what else is going on after I have to interact with the coworker tomorrow.

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