Ah-hah! Too many conversations, made me forget things I was going to write.

The pizza guy and I were talking, and he was saying that he's now looking for a mate, or a partner -- he's in a place where he wants to have a relationship with someone. I'm glad for him. I hope it works out.

I was saying that I want to find myself The partner as well -- the husband -- although I'm not trying to get married next month or anything. Within a few years.

I figured it might not be so bad to have kids around or after 30, if I wind up doing that. I know I'm definitely not ready to have them now or soon, so I figure in 7 or 8 years I might be ready for them, if I want them. :)

Urgh! Something else I was going to say and forgot. Frig.

I really have to clean the fishies' tank tomorrow. It's on the list.

Good chats tonight, got the mood up. Got pre-work plans for Sunday now, coolage there. :)

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