I have got a sweet-ass exam schedule, provided it doesn't change and I get my papers done and in on time -- my last sit-down exam is December 13th. That's right, I get like, three sweet weeks of holiday time. ;)

So, no slacking off on papers, or else. *grr*

What else? It's nice to be liked. Too bad it's never at the right time or in the right circumstances, but it's nice nonetheless. :)

I bought some funky foliage for the Hallowe'en party I'm attending on Saturday, looking forward to that. Trying to debate between 'cool/funny' or 'cute/sexy' for my costume... either one is more or less as easy to do. It's just a matter of which I feel like doing.

Nice afternoon with Mark yesterday. He kept wearing his fish stir fry sauce and I managed to eat chocolate cheesecake and drink a bowl of hot chocolate without wearing any of it. He called me an abnormal freak, I called him an alcoholic; it's a match. ;) Of course, he goes back to the UK tomorrow, so it's a short-lived affair. ;)

I'm tossing around a few column ideas in my head for tomorrow's posting; I think I may get a few written in advance, especially if I go with the various whims that are taking me. I might do a follow-up/part 2 on condoms (which is what I'm thinking right now), and then there's a column on hair colour for men and women and preferences with regards to that, and I thought I had something in there, but it's not bubbling to the foreground. Oh, perhaps a column on size, which is always topical. ;) But not just male size; female size as well, in terms of genitalia and breasts and whatever else comes to mind. It might become a theme for a month or so -- 'size matters'. ;)

As always, if you have comments, suggestions, whatever, please feel free to email them to me or pop them on notes. It's not meant to be an advice column, although it could be once in awhile if that's what the audience wants... it's more meant to be my own trial run as Carrie Bradshaw. :)

Anyhow, I'm going to pretend to do some work now, I think. Maybe later I'll say something snarky to my coworker, otherwise known as "Mr. Reads-Over-My-Shoulder," which is what he did Friday when I wrote that I'd posted an update to WB. :P (Think I push my page enough? ;))

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