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The Language of a College Student

Beer Goggles: One's perception when under the influence of alcohol. Often causes unattractive people to look hot, long distances to look jumpable, and break dancing moves to look easy.

Beer Slut : A woman at the party who will get on any guy who is providing free beer.

BFN : Butt Fuck Nowhere - really far from campus, and/or civilization. [Jen's note: Where I have classes every semester, it seems. :P And I thought I was the only one that used this phrase!]

Booze [s?]nooze : A nap taken early in the afternoon to prepare for the night's party, after you've already been drinking.

Breaking the Seal :Going pee pee for the first time while drinking. Once the seal is broken, restroom trips become much more frequent.

Butterface : A girl who has a great body but not an attractive face. Comes from...."Everything looks good on her, BUT-HER-Face."

Cock Block : When one guy in a group interferes with another guy's efforts to score.

Deja Booty :1) a situation in which an individual reunites with a former fling in a seemingly random - and ironic twist of fate. 2) a rare instance when one hooks up with a seemingly new person only to realize that they had hooked up in the past but forgot because they drank too much Gold Schalger that night with Cool Jay down the hall.

Dropping Ass :An extremely violent bowel movement after a weekend of bad bar food and beer, "Don't go in the bathroom, I just dropped ass like Hiroshima."

Fifteen Minute Rule : If a professor is more than 15 minutes late, the class may leave and not expect any repercussion. If the class is taught by a TA, the time is shortened considerably.

Glaze Your Seat : Making a female excited.

Got Five On It : A rule that allows an individual to leave his/her seat in a room and return within five minutes and still retain rights to sit there.

Hallcest: The dangerous act of getting with someone on your hall your freshman year.

Hoggin' :The practice of hooking up with large, hefty individuals.

Jersey Chaser :A lady who only wants to get with the football/basketball players.

Knocking It : Recreational intercourse. Possibly from "knocking the boots." Possibly not.

Lightweight : One who is unable to handle their alcohol. [Jen's note: I.e., me, especially when I haven't been drinking in awhile.]

MDA (Mysterious Drinking Accident) : What happens when you get drunk and hurt yourself in some way, but don't remember it. Evidence of MDA's include cuts and bruises and NO MEMORY how you got them.

Navy Seal : When you have to pull a mission impossible because your friend is hooking up with the cute girl, but they brought the ugly girl. So you have to pull a Navy Seal and take one for the team. See also Jump On the Gernade.

Sausage Party : A gathering of many more men than women.

Setting the Pick : This is when you employ a friend to stop someone from approaching. For example, you see an old hook up coming up to you at a party. They will certainly ruin your current chances at nookie, so your friend intercepts the old flame before they get to you. Of coarse, you now owe your friend in return for the favor.

Slump Busting : When you are in a slump; either academic, athletic, or romantic, the sure fire cure is to go to the bar and find the nastiest, fattest, most wretched woman you can, take her home, and do the deed. Also known as, "taking one for the team" and "laying the wood to a fattie."

The Stranger : Sitting on your hand until it becomes numb, then jerking off. If feels like someone else, "a stranger," is doing it for you.

The Stranger-Ette : Same as above, but paint your nails.

Summer Teeth (mostly in Sudbury) : That woman has summer teeth, "summer" there, some ain't."

Three Second Rule :If a piece of food falls on the floor, one has three seconds to retrieve it before it gets to dirty to eat. Less than three seconds and the food in question is safe to ingest.

Ten Second Rule :Drunk version of Three Second Rule.

Upper Pooper :What you would like to do to a particularly attractive female.

Walk of Shame: The long, humiliating walk across campus in the same thing that you had on last night after hooking up that night.

Wounded Soldier : A full beer found when cleaning up the next day after a party.

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