Okay, I promise there will be new changes going on -- maybe even tonight, if I feel awake when I get home. My favourite blogs links are getting crazy, so I might relegate those to another page, like the comics, unless people prefer having them on the main page; you vote.

As well, there will be a cast of characters page... I already have a few people who've expressed an interest for particular avatars, so if you think you'll appear on the cast page and want something in particular, lemme know -- I do read your comments, so you can leave it there or email it, whatever's easier. Remember, if you don't pick something... you leave it up to my twisted sense of humour. ;)

Conversely, if I mention you on this page as an initial and you don't mind being referred to by your first name, please let me know! I default to adjectives or initials out of respect (unless I link to your page, in which case, stuff ya! ;), but some initials are awfully taken, and I know it can be confusing for you, the readers. :)

Anyhow, still plugging away at updating the comics page... I think I have only four or five strips left to do.

The Whore's Boudoir appears to have gotten a fair number of hits and I've received some off-site comments (compliments!) on it, so thank you all very much for checking out my endeavours. I'm working on establishing comments sections on there, so that you can leave your notes on that site, if you so desire. I'm not going to bother with a guestbook on that page, I don't think... this one here seems to get so few comments that I don't think it's worth it.

Hopefully that site will also be undergoing a slight revamp, but I can't promise when or anything like that. For now, it's functional, and that's all that matters, right? :)

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