So, in brief... I went over to J's place yesterday. We chatted for a bit, nothing special, except that I learned that I'm apparently *so* bad in bed that I turned him gay.


He was gay long before me, and we all knew it.

Note to self: must remember to clean the fishie's tank.

I hate group work.

Ah yes, my prof, who was a guest on one of the shows I produce, flipped me off yesterday. Then J flipped me off yesterday, but I can't remember the reason behind that one.

Is it fair to complain about your life when you're upset because of the paths you've chosen? I've been in that situation with a number of people, and... I don't know. I find it hard to feel sympathy. Sometimes I still do, but...

I have crazy red hair now; it's a mix between red-red and orange-red (because of the blonde dye I had in there to begin with), and people have been very complimentary about it. I may wind up not keeping it for my Hallowe'en costume; it all depends on what I do wind up going as, but I have to get out to a dance supply place... unless I want to wear my teddy as part of the costume, which I'm considering.

I went over there last night with the intention of having a talk, but when I got there, I found there was nothing to say. Nothing new, nothing that hadn't already been said... and the other things I thought about bringing up, but even if it's the case, and even if we'd discussed it... it wouldn't change anything. Not. A. Single. Thing.

So what's the point?

In some ways I wish I didn't know, because it's just one more thing. But... *sigh*

But I was glad I was told, overall. It's nice to know.

There was a Leger Marketing poll commissioned, and they found that 1/4 people are afraid to be a passenger in the car when their spouse is behind the wheel. Okay, all well and good, nice to know.

But, I have a question.

What individual or company decided this was a question worth spending a great deal of money on to have answered? Surveys aren't cheap. And to what end is this for? Like, who is benefiting from this survey? People who direct anxiety classes? I can't figure out where the money trail begins on this one.

I think it's just some random millionaire, going, "I have all kinds of sweet, sweet cash. Should I give it to a charity, or adopt some poor homeless cats or dogs or something? Naw, let's ask 1000 people or so across Canada if they feel safe when their spouse is driving! It's great to annoy people with ridiculous marketing surveys (like the stupid one I had to do on supermarkets, argh!) Yeah, that's it!"

Okay, so it's way too early and I was up way too late and ... yeah. Time to get moving; I have class this morning with the prof who flipped me off! :)

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