There we go. Got it somewhat up and settled. I've decided to try to write weekly or biweekly columns about relationship and sex issues. I'm hoping to make them somewhat more thought out than this journal site, and possibly even more interesting for people who aren't totally enthralled by the details of my cats and my boring existence. :)

Speaking of which, saw the pizza guy today and got his side of things in the whole mess with his friend R's ex-girlfriend. That's gotten me interested in writing a column about the concept of the cock block (the actual term of which was introduced to me by someone at work) and its statute of limitations, or rights at all.

But aside from the column thing, it was pretty nice seeing him again. Nice to know there's at least one person I've slept with that I can be on good relations with, and avoid the whole jealousy/weirdness/anger/sadness/*whatever* stuff.

I figure I'll keep an indicator posted here on this page to let you know when I've produced a new column for the site -- possibly even just a note posted, saying, "Go read!"

Anyhow, I think that's all I wanted to say for now. The site can be found at The Whore's Boudoir, and I'll have a perma link on my site.

As well, a few planned updates: A cast of characters page (with avatars) for people who get frequent mentions. Brief history/description of them, as well. In addition, I want to finish working on the samples page of the comics, which I'm going to do some work on right now, I think.

I have others, but they're notes in my notebook... my one smart move today was to actually write down the few ideas I had at the time in there, because it turned into about four pages of notes, and this column site thing. I'm happy with it, now let's just see how dedicated I can be to the site. ;)

I lie, two smart moves. I added some of the other blogs I read into a new folder under my favourites menu, then made a link in my links menu to the blogs folder, so now it's all neat and tidy and I don't have to worry about it scrolling off the screen! Maybe I'll do the same thing with the comics page and all that... I'm so organized everywhere except where it counts.

Urgh. Big heavy cat sitting on my arms... can't type...

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