While I was driving to school yesterday, I happened across a dead cat in the lane in which I was driving, right next to the median. I cried off and on until I got to my class. Part of me kept thinking about whether that was how Chloe died or not, and the other part of me was just sad for that poor cat.

I'll be taking a somewhat different route to get to the highway for the next few days, just to be on the safe side. I know there's a roadkill patrol, but I've seen wild animals stay on the road for several, if not many, days. I don't to take any chances.

On a more up note, I finished my paper last night. If you will, here is a paragraph from it:

In some ways, this [the ultimate goal for women being marriange and motherhood] has not changed. Many advertisements feature a smiling, happy, perfectly coifed woman surrounding by healthy, beatific children and a handsome, affable husband, explaining just how happy she is that the newest (insert product here) has made her home so spotless she could do open-heart surgery on her kitchen table after preparing a pot roast dinner with all the trimmings for her perfect nuclear family. Either that, or the newest product has expedited the process of performing whatever routine, mind-numbing task that has been automatically delegated to Mom because the workplace is set up so that she could never earn nearly as much as her husband. In a nineties or millennium twist, there is the career woman rushing home to the same basic family structure, and regardless that she beat her husband home by mere minutes, it is up to her to ensure that a hot, nutritionally-balanced home made meal appears on the table as soon as Dad announces that he is starving. Modern advertising still appears to say that, while women are welcome in the workforce, they are still responsible for ensuring that the home keeps running, remains spotless at all times, and that the children are looked after as well as the husband, a bland, vague, non-threatening presence in the background.

Hehe. I'm kinda proud of that one.

Anyhow, gotta try to rework the conclusion and bit and then get ready to go. I'm up really early (relative to when I actually have to leave), and I couldn't get to sleep last night, and I still have my cold, so I'm a little iffy right now. Ah well, hopefully it won't be an especially taxing day. One class, then a fair bit of work to do, and that's just what I held over on from Wednesday. :)

What else? Well, exciting discussion with Ben last night, but I'm holding off on posting anything about it until there's some kind of further details/decision made about it. In the meantime, I go to get ready. :)

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