Ben is evil, and bad for my sanity.

Ben is like my girlfriend D; they are both trying to convince me to do things that are bad.


I'm still gonna win, though. ;)

In other news, saw Harry Potter 2 today. I have my thoughts on the film, but I'll hang onto them for a bit, until a few more people have seen it and I can debate.

Bought six books today. Urgh. Today was an expensive day, but a fun one. Definitely had a blast hanging out with Ben. :) A line from tonight: "You must be of this size for Jen to ride." ;)

Gonna go write my article now... it's the first one to be late, but it's Ben's fault. ;) He called me when I was on the bus home and asked if I wanted to do dinner, which turned into a movie, which turned into me getting home just now. I think the Nickel's was a bad idea... or maybe it was just the company of the drunks on the bus ride home.

Also working on a checklist of things to do/places to do it in after this whole bet thing ends. Ben and I brainstormed some good locations between us... now if only the weather would cooperate. ;)

Okay, off to write an article. As always, a note will appear here when it's done. :)

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