Bit of a weird dream last night... seemed that an ex-boyfriend was trying to convince me to make another go of a relationship together. It wasn't totally spelled out that way, but it seemed that way. Dreams for me are never prophetic, though, so I'm not really giving it any thought.

Urgh. I'm so tired of me being me. I'm a total procrastinator, and I can't seem to change it. I stayed up late last night talking to the -ens, but one of them needed an ear to bend, and I try to always be there whenever someone needs that.

Spent a couple of hours on the phone last night, which also meant that I wasn't writing, but I have tonight and all day Thursday... got some reading done, so I feel somewhat mollified.

The ex- got somewhat sulky at me last Sunday for not saying happy birthday to him on his birthday. I have it written on a calendar, and I remembered it as it was coming up, but in total honesty, I forgot it completely on the date. Am I wrong, here? I mean, we don't talk very often, and I haven't seen him in months... I guess I'd call us friends because how else would you define it, but how upset does he have a right to get? Urgh. Guys suck. :P

Mind you, other people's exes take them out to dinner for their birthday, so maybe it's me that sucks. Naw.... ;)

And on the subject of birthdays... Happy Birthday J. :)

My head's in a bunch of weird places. I think I need that lobotomy.

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