For anyone who just can't seem to get enough of my writing, there's a passage up on the My Novel page that I started up... it's the beginning of what's supposed to be 50,000 words. So far, it's 1577. :)

The last few days... Saturday was kinda crummy, but not really awful, just general level crumminess. I worked 6 a.m. -- noon, then I forgot that the meters are still pay meters on Saturdays, so I got a parking ticket ($25). I was starving all morning, even though I was eating crackers, and when I finally did eat a meal, I got sick. I screwed up the times that Chapters was doing their interviews, so I got poor Ben downtown for nothing. At some point either Friday or Saturday, I noticed that my clarinet necklace was broken.

But there were ups to the day, too. My costume looked really cool (I went as a trashy cat; some red lipstick, black dance top, black pants, black opera-length gloves, handcuffs, little rose choker, and my "Bad Kitty" necklace), I was really pleased with it. I won $3 on the Bingo ticket that I had. The Hallowe'en party was pretty cool... I got a great footrub and head rub. Everyone wanted to pat the kitty! ;)

Some weird moments, but overall, it was comfortable. I miss the high school days of having a billion people piled on to a couch and the floor and comfortable all over each other. There's a Zits cartoon about that, but it won't be in the archives... I have it in a book somewhere. Everyone jumbled together like puppies. It's a comforting feeling, being all squished in with your friends.

Last night was kinda fun... new show started up, so I was trying to make sure I was very on the ball for that, especially since the show didn't have any beds. I was having to swap CDs all the time, and they had so much content they were only able to do about half of what they wanted to, which was funny. Great people, so it's going to be another fun show to do, makes up somewhat for the final one. The only real drag about last night was the drunk man that was calling me and being abusive. First he said he name was Bill from Saskatoon, then in the same phone call he said he was Larry Rosenthal, father of one of the guys killed by Clifford Olson. He started making fun of me on the phone and such, so I just kept hanging up on him. I brought one of the news people in, 'cause she could eavesdrop on the phone, and when he called one time, he apparently didn't recognize my voice, and he was telling me how dumb the other girl was and how she must be drunk (which I'd accused him of being), and he said that he was Clifford Olson. After he said bye, the news lady and I just absolutely lost it. Fuck, did I hurt myself laughing.

Mind, then he called back again and said "Oh, it's you again" and said he heard me laughing when he said he was Clifford Olson, and that I didn't understand the pain of the people who lost family members and blah blah blah... he kept calling back to tell me how he liked things that the people were saying on the show in regards to punishing kids and stuff, and at the end he told me that the United States had a good idea with capital punishment, and that he hoped to see it used on me. So, I kept hanging up on him again. :P I wasn't taking it very seriously or anything like that, but it was still quite a drag. :P

However, I did pester Mark into staying up late to chat with me, so that was fun. :) He's taken to calling me brat so much I think I'll wind up responding to it the same way I do my own name. :P :)

When I got home last night after work, I noticed a very weird smell in my room, stranger than usual, somewhat plasticy. My computer had finally eaten itself! Remember, I've been talking about how the power supply fan had been dying, and it finally toasted. So now I have my brand new system up and running... I just have to install some shit here and there to get it back to running the way it used to. It's a slow process copying all the crap I had back onto the new system, but I'm plugging through it.

I'm now running WindowsXP, and so far I think it's okay... minor bleahs about it, but I'll either get used to them or turn the whole damn thing back to look like "Classic Windows" and just say fuck it. :) The only real grievance I have is with the accounts. I have a user account and a SysAdmin account, and the SysAdmin account doesn't have Internet access, so for a lot of the software I run, I have to be logged in as me to go and get it, then log out and in as SysAdmin to install it. :P At least the system boots up quickly, so I don't mind. :) I have my DVD drive installed! Wahoo! Only thing is no software yet, so I can't quite watch movies... but since I have my 3d video card, I can install my games and play them all day! Here I come, WarCraft III :)

So that's about that. I'll have another article up tomorrow, which I of course haven't chosen yet. :P Maybe if I get some quiet time to read today (away from Mom's eyes :), I'll read through some of the books I've picked up and see if that helps. Eh, who knows. Last time I started up several articles before I actually wrote one, so maybe one of those will be inspiring. :)

For now, I'm going to keep setting up my system. :)

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