Funny saying from tonight (which I probably won't get exactly right, but I'll take a stab at it):

"Sure, it's just a cute little Lego train now that you feed hamburger to make it run, but that's just two steps away from a killing machine!"

Anyhow, finishing up the first essay that I mentioned (the shortest one, five pages double-spaced). However, it's going to be more than five pages, but not as long as the first one, so that's okay. Then I'll type the article I wrote for tomorrow and go to bed. Driving home tonight was a 'choose your own adventure' when it came to lanes... it took me an hour to drive what would normally have been maybe a 30-minute trip at worst. Urgh.

And the highway was stupid congested on my way to class today, so that was also annoying.

Back to writing.

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