One paper done and sent off.

The big scary one remains, and that's getting written tomorrow.

Urgh... my brain hurts.

I think I'll do a semiotic analysis of online journal sites, which is kinda the example the prof gave, but a bit different. Yeah, that works. Maybe throw in some liberal feminism on top of that, since I understood that.

Wow, I almost sound smart there.

*sigh* I hate school. :P That's not true; I hate all these papers I have to write on subjects that suck. I forget the last time I picked a paper because I genuinely wanted to write it. Oh wait, that's this site, and my columns page. :)

Anyhow, early bedtime, I think. Maybe some WCIII as a reward, or Age of Myth. Gotta get up early and get cracking much sooner than I did today. I suck. :P

Did chat with the sis for a bit, that was kinda nice. We get along great when she's far away. :)

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