All right-y then. A few things I will endeavour to stop doing:

* Staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning on a regular basis.
* Biting my fingers and nails.
* Eating junk food.
* Procrastinating.
* Over-analyzing.

Okay, so I'm sorta laughing at how that's all going to be totally impossible. Except maybe the first one.

Why is it that one little off-the-cuff comment can have your brain so stuck on something for so long? I almost wish I knew what the answer would be before I said anything. Someone else find out for me, wouldja? I know Charmaine told me to just forget about it, the loss is not mine, etc... but argh with my brainage.

Yesterday was a brief Christmas shopping/birthday shopping expedition with Ben. We went and got his cell phone set up and harrassed Mark at work, I bought some food for the fishies (Storm, btw, appears to have decided that Dr. Seuss is allowed to live next to him for awhile longer), and then we went to Microplay and Future Shop. I bought a popsicle at Microplay, and when we were in Future Shop I saw someone I knew from high school dressed as a walking advertisement for X-Box. I think I felt sad for him.

Mark called me on my cell while we were there, so I wandered off and chatted with him while perusing the store. I felt bad since he'd called me that morning and I totally ignored the call because I was still somewhat asleep. My meanderings through the store kept bringing me in other people's way (lots of cute guys working that day), so I wound up hiding in the laptop aisle where I played Spider Solitaire while talking on my phone. It was almost as if I were back at home. :)

We went over to Toys 'R Us, where we ran into Angus, which was funny because when I called his name, he was all like, "Yeah?" as if he was expecting to hear his name called or something. :) Ben got Mark's birthday gift (it's a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll, don't tell), and then we were off to downtown, 'cause it was after 5 at that point.

Got some Pita Pit for dinner, then I settled in for a *dull* shift. My boss called me at one point and said that my mixes were good that night, after which I promptly let one CD run out to dead air 'cause I was outside filling up my water bottle, and then had a few other loose mixes. Okay, so it wasn't deliberate, but I was tired and stupid. That's my excuse!

Drove over to the Casa Markus Aurillius und Benito Mussolini, tried to write a bit for my delayed article (which will just become another cancelled article, I fear), and then watched Clueless with Mark. After the movie ended, we formed a nest on the floor with various pillows, a beanbag, and a blanket (it wasn't the best nest), and watched cartoons and went to sleep. I was feeling the need for some quiet and some just being, so it served my needs well. Working alone in a small room all night with no one to talk to online and some alternating depressing/happy music can really skew your mood.

That's why I call random people and harrass them at their places of work. :)

I have all these notes around for various column ideas or topics that come to me so I can remember them for later. Right now there are a bunch of post-its in a stack in front of my computer saying things like, "group of lovers," and "hard ons" and "talking after sex." Or there are potential titles like, "Blinded by the Lust... Light" or "Restraining Myself." These are on the same post-its for things to remember to do, like "Gonq writings" or "paper (research)" and "printouts." I have a great memory at times, it's just very easily distracted. As I said to Jay in relation to something else, my brain gets stuck on something for awhile, and I'm all fixated, and then it's like, "Ooh! Shiny object!" and I move on. There's a reason I've been described as a cat before. :)

I think my libido is bi-polar. Just what, two, three weeks ago? I was ready to fuck anything that twitched, just about. Now, I'm like, "Hmmm, Dean Cain is offering himself to me? I'll get back to him." Stupid libido.

I had other things I thought I was going to write, but now they've escaped my brain. Well, there were those two guys who did the updated "When Harry Met Sally" for me on the bus and the other guy who smiled at me, but I'll write about that later. For now, it's time for a shower.

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