Feeling down. Low down. Urgh. My moods suck, the weather sucks, etc., etc., etc.

Sorry for so little content lately. It's just been awhile since I've thought of anything especially interesting to say, and some of the things I do have to say, I can't put up here. I should just forget about all my readers (or at least who they are) and go nuts and just spill all.

So here goes...

Jay was giving me funky advice that I didn't take, 'cause I'm a total loser and a chickenshit and I've used up all my karma and I halfway don't know what I want.

Did some training yesterday again at work. I'm not sure if I like the trainee that I had or not; he picks on me when he's not behind the board, and I barely know him at all, and then when he gets behind the board and I give him directions, he stares blankly at me. No acknowledgement that I even spoke whatsoever. Argh! I mentioned it to Charmaine last week and then again this week; we put it down to a lack of eating last week, so he and I split on food, but it was the same thing this week, and she said she noticed it again. I don't know, I'm probably being overly critical 'cause I'm stressed out, but... argh. I hate training.

Went over to J's last night to give him the DVD I'd bought him off eBay for his birthday. Well, we're long past his birthday, and it's not quite Christmas, so it's an in-between gift. Wound up watching one of the episodes (it was the first two episodes of FarScape), then chatted for a bit afterwards. Kinda weird to think that the two of us have crawled all over one another but can't think of things to say to fill five minutes of conversation.

Anyhow, went home, chatted with Jay on the phone for awhile, then went to bed. It was freezing in my room last night, Mom found out this morning that the windows in my room were open on both sides of the casing. That's ass. :P

Now I'm just farting around, need to get ready for work. I don't want to leave the house, but I'm going to be taking tomorrow and maybe Thursday off because of exams, so I have to. *grrr*

I hate being cold. :(

Oh yeah, the ex- told me a few days ago that he's going to be bringing his current to my neighbourhood for the holidays. Not sure what I think about it, but I think I'm even feeling less territorial about it then before.

Okay, so all of this is really nothing more or less than I was going to post anyhow. Guess I haven't laid anything out. Sorry. :)

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