Hooray with the crazy hair dyeing!

However, the head is itchy. This is the part I always forget and always hate -- the itchy head, the cold wetness of the hair dye on my head, the crazy itchy scalp!

And the getting the hairdye everywhere... counter, clothes, face, eyebrow this time -- that's a new one. Maybe it'll fall out, maybe it'll get somewhat dyed, we'll see.

I waited until after the Christmas dinner to dye my hair; I didn't want to take the chance (Ack! Itch!!) that I'd clash with my dress, as much of a loser as that makes me sound. :)

I'll add a picture of my dress to the pictures page... I got Dad to take some shots of me before I left, so I'll scan and post in two years when I get that developed.

In the meantime, I'm going to go kill the gremlin that keeps posting on my computer. :P

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