I think my fish are mesmerised by the flame of the candles I have lit in front of their tank. My sleeve now smells like burnage, 'cause apparently my clothes are made of really flammable material -- who knew? At least it didn't melt.

A spoiler warning coming up

So, Dad and I got to see Star Trek: Nemesis tonight, in spite of my attempts to wind up in a totally different part of the city by taking the wrong bus. We didn't sit together, but that's okay. Instead, I sat next to three girls that were about 10-14 on one side, and then a dad and his son on my right. The girls chatted for a bit during it, and I was a little distracted from the dialogue, but overall they were quiet.

Although... I had to laugh at them. Minor spoilage here: Riker and Troi get married at the beginning of the flick. They're talking about the tradition of Betazoid weddings being naked, and Picard tells all his staff that they have to follow that (Worf was rebelling). Picard then leaves the scene with the line, "Meanwhile, I'm going to the gym." (or something like that). The mother of the girls was sitting behind me, and she laughed; one of the girls pipes up with, "What's so funny about that line?" *grin*

So... hrm. I want to talk about the flick a bit more and about how much of a loser I am, but I'm too lazy to set up a separate page for it, so consider this your spoiler warning. If you don't want to know more about the movie, stop reading.

No, really. Now.

Stop reading ... now!

Okay, last chance...

So, Data dies. In a rather ... final manner. There ain't no bringing him back, that's for sure. I'd known going in that it was most likely, as J and I had discussed it and I'd heard rumours (there was an article in the Citizen that I stopped reading after two lines 'cause I didn't want to know more, and the first two lines talked about Troi and Riker getting married and being sent off ship (only at the end, Troi at least is pretty prominent, Riker a bit less so) and it said a prominent character dies), so I went in kinda prepared. But there are all kinds of hints throughout the movie, moments when other characters could die, so I started getting all worried all the way through every time a character was in peril.

I mean, I knew that Data was the most likely one to die, 'cause he's ageing and an android can't age and I knew that Brent Spiner was wanting out for that reason, so I was expecting and not wanting to know. I could see how it was going to happen to spare the Picard 'cause of the foreshadowing and the semi-obviousness of the scene in question, but it kept running through my head, "Wouldn't it just fuck everyone over if like, Troi dies here? Or if Riker were to die here? Total suckage, especially since they're newlywedded?" But it didn't happen, and it was Data.

So anyhow, the reason I'm a total loser? And it's the first time it's happened in an actual movie theatre since Phenemenon (and I don't know why I did then), and it doesn't happen very often unless there are animals involved, but I actually cried when he died. Well, just before, and then during, and for a bit after. Not a lot of crying; just one tear, but I could've done more. I'm a loser.

It's funny, 'cause I do prefer TNG out of them all, but I haven't even seen all the episodes. I guess it's just that the TNG characters are most familiar to me, so having one of them die is really sad. :(

Anyhow, that's all for now. Now I have an hour to do some writing for my Gonq course. Urgh.

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